15-Min Online Training Sessions That Could Be Life Changing

An easier, quicker and potentially more efficient way of changing behaviour could revolutionise therapy in years to come.

Why We Laugh at Others on April Fool's Day

Why does laughing at the expense of others bring us so much pleasure and what does it say about our human nature? Here are some key explanations.

Getting More Purpose at Work With Feedback​

Feel like your job isn't worthwhile? The right feedback could change your outlook.

How You Can Control How Happy You Are

It is sometimes argued that we don’t have any control over how happy we are. Some people are just born happy, others aren’t, and even if our happiness changes a little bit in response to the trials and tribulations of life, we always go back to our natural ‘set point’ of happiness. What nonsense.

Will Having Children Really Make You Happier?

Research shows that the effect of having children on happiness is, at best, neutral. But is this really the whole story?

Five Tips to Maximise Mother's Day Happiness

It’s Mothers Day tomorrow in the UK. That means you’re probably on the hook to do something special. But don’t panic. There are a few lessons from happiness and behavioural science that can help you and your mum to have the most happiness on Mother’s day possible.

Will Love Make You Happy?

Sometimes love is described as if it is happiness in and of itself. Love is not happiness, although it can contribute to your happiness - and your happiness can contribute to your success in love too. This Valentine’s Day, learn a bit more about what love is and think about whether it’s worth having or not.

Happiness Is Not Only an Individual Matter

Happiness research draws our attention to how the structure of society impacts upon our wellbeing just as much as it does to individual behaviours and characteristics. Being happier, therefore, involves both structure and agency.

Beat the Blue Monday Blues with these Behaviour Change Clues

It’s Blue Monday today, which is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. There is likely to be a lot going around on the web about how to think yourself happy. But it is very difficult to change the way that you think. So instead, here are some tips to change the way you behave to beat the Blue Monday blues.

Are You a Pleasure Machine or a Purpose Engine?

There are two types of happy experiences: those that are pleasurable and those that are purposeful. Are you a ‘pleasure machine’, experiencing more pleasure than purpose? Or are you a ‘purpose engine’, experiencing more purpose than pleasure? What sort of balance would best suit you?

Is Your Life Really Going Well or do You Just Think it is?

‘Tis the time of year for resolutions. Whether it’s making them, keeping them, or, more often than not, breaking them. The Internet is flooded with recommendations for what to do and how to do it. But there’s at least one important thing missing from all of this fuss: will your resolutions make you happier in the long run? Learn about two sorts of happiness to find out.

Being Happy at Work Matters for You—and Your Boss

Should you be happy at work? The science suggests yes - it will make you better at your job, too. Most people who think happiness at work isn't important believe that happiness is all about having fun. But happiness is about feeling fulfillment, too. This article discusses what happiness at work means and how you can get more of it.

Now, Where Was I?

A distracted mindset means we have less attention leftover to pay attention to what makes us happy. But there’s a lot we can do to detach ourselves from our distracting devices.

I Finally Got Around to Doing This

Are you procrastinating by reading this blog that I procrastinated over writing? If so, you’re not alone – most people admit to procrastinating. But don’t worry: on this occasion, your procrastination will pay off! Here are a few tips on how you can Decide, Design, and Do your way to greater productivity and happiness.