Teen Overall Drug Use Is Down, But Marijuana Use Is Up

Teen use of most substances is down, but teens are "vaping" marijuana, and think it's safe.

A Game-Changer for Difficult Holiday Dinner Conversations

Dreading spending the holidays with relatives whose politics you can't stand? Doing this one thing is a game-changer.

Meet the Teen Who Discovered the Secret of Social Capital

The design of children's social life teaches them to create a world of status where people are left out and mistreated. One teen is trying to change that — with an app.

When 'Speak Out' Culture Becomes 'Callout' Culture

College callout culture has breached the campus gate, and Google is the first high-profile company to join the post-rational world. What allowed it to happen; can it happen again?

The Psychology of Political Violence

Political violence has its roots in anger, contempt, and disgust; three emotions familiar to all of us. Maintaining our civic values requires avoiding the impulse to dehumanize.
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When Is Speech Violence and What’s the Real Harm?

When protesters equate speech with violence, we aren't surprised. But now at least one academic is using science to validate the claim. Is it just harmless rhetoric?

What Happened To Moderation, Civility, and Compromise?

How polarized are we, and what can we do to reclaim the democratic virtues of moderation, civility, and compromise?

Finding Your Inner Adult

Is your "true self" an Inner Child or an Inner Adult?

Bret Stephens: Out Of The Bubble

Pulitzer Prize winning Bret Stephens makes some readers of the New York Times uncomfortable, and some, angry. He says that's his job. But many readers want him fired for his views.

The Savage Empathy of Safe Spaces

Empathetic professors who subscribe to the invention that words equal violence, and that hearing certain views is a threat to students' "humanity" can do incalculable damage.

Sticks and Stones Just Break My Bones

Colleges can either give in to "Brittle Self Disorder" or empower students to get past the discomfort of confronting objectionable ideas and teach them to think critically.

Silencing Is Golden: The Chilling Dogma of AntiNormalization

Many college students are unable to debate bad ideas because they aren't learning the difference between a firmly held opinion and a self-evident truth.

Uncivil Rights

Violent protests aimed at preventing “hate speech” at Berkeley show how dangerous we become when we can’t tell the difference between vile words and real violence.

Politics and Poison: Casualties of Fake News

The FDA warns that some natural remedies contain poison. Meanwhile partisan rhetoric poisons the body politic.

We Say We Want Free Speech and Civil Dialogue

Our country is divided. There seems to be no middle ground. President Obama calls for free speech and listening to replace silencing and shouting down the opposition.

Angry About the Election?

Headlines call for intolerance toward Trump voters. Families are stressed, and friendships are frayed. Tolerance is a paradigm that has outlived its purpose.

I’m Right, You’re Evil

Will this election ever end? And when it's over, who will we be?

What's Wrong With Locker Room Talk?

In the wake of Donald Trump's lewd comments, there's a debate about whether "locker room talk" is really all that bad.

How Do Strong People Handle War?

What about the stigma of seeking mental health care for the injuries of war?

Sitting Is the New Smoking and Mindfulness Is the New Black

The Aspen Brain Lab convenes experts on living life to its fullest

When to Sweat the Small Stuff

Want to end bullying? Talking about kindness isn’t the same thing as being kind.

Is "Be Yourself" Bad Advice?

Should we stop telling people to "be yourself"? Wharton professor Adam Grant thinks so.

We’re Giving Bullying a Bad Name

Think your child’s school needs an anti-bullying program? Here’s why you might be wrong.

Bullies, Bystanders and Tattletales

'Nobody likes a tattletale' is a myth that makes bullying worse.

The Secret to Better Date Nights

A surprising way to keep the romance alive.

Bullies With a Cause

How do schools deal with nonconformists, and what happens when "excellent sheep" go to college?

Want to Keep Your New Year's Resolution?

Are you making a New Year's Resolution? These three things will help you stick to it.

Trump and Clinton in Your House for the Holidays

Will you be spending the holidays with relatives whose political views you can't stand? Here's a simple strategy for dealing with them.

How Making Colleges 'Safe Spaces' Makes Us All Less Safe

After years of colleges’ efforts to cultivate tolerance on their campuses, college students may be less tolerant than ever.

Why We Care About Self-Esteem, And What Matters Even More

Three things that provide the gifts that Self-Esteem promised but couldn’t keep