Make New Friends But Keep the Old… Or Not

Friendships don’t always last—especially for children. Here are some ways you can help your child cope with the end of a friendship.

Children's Growing Friendships

What is your child's current level of friendship understanding? Here are ages and stages of children's friendships.
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Pornography for Tweens, at a Mall Near You!

As soon as my sister-in-law and her 12-year-old daughter entered the Abercrombie and Fitch store, they were faced with a poster-size pornographic image.

Lifting the Burden of Potential

"Potential" is a dangerous word.

Is Your Child Inviting Rejection?

Some children regularly act in ways that make it hard for other kids to accept them. Here are some common off-putting behaviors and alternatives.
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Talking with Children About 9/11

When the walls came down on 9/11, many of us felt like our own foundations were shaken. How do we explain the unthinkable to our children?
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Back-To-School Worries

The start of a new school year can be both exciting and scary. Here are practical ways to help your child move past back-to-school worries.

What Are Social Skills?

There are three main processes that children use to navigate the social world: Seeing, Thinking, and Doing.

Can Boys and Girls Be Friends?

Visit any playground and you'll see it: From about age four onwards, boys mostly play with boys; girls mostly play with girls. Are boy-girl friendships doomed to dissolve?