When Your Teenager's "In Love"

Why do you think we call first love a crush?

Why You're Going to Watch The Walking Dead on Sunday

What to Think About As You Turn On The Walking Dead Tomorrow

When Do Kids Get the Time to Play?

The free-form, all by yourself, made up world of the little kid is super-important and increasingly ignored.

Frontrunner Brags About His Wee-Wee, What's a Parent To Do?

How do we plan to explain the current political climate to our kids?

Another Full House? Really?

What could possibly be the enduring appeal of "Full House?"

Gift Giving as a Remedy for the Holiday Blues

The winter holidays are descending and it fills many of us with dread. Want to know a secret? Giving feels better than receiving. It's not just a cliche—it's science.

Baseball is Magic (When You're Seven Years Old)

Why Baseball is Magic in the Low Light of October

Talking to Kids About Dating in a Non-Dating World

Can we still give our kids dating advice if none of our kids are dating?

April (and May, and Probably June) Is the Cruelest Month

Depression and even suicidal behavior increase in spring. But why?

"Send the Senators to the Principal's Office!"

Our politicians sound like schoolchildren in the absence of the principal’s office.

Halloween Parenting: Keeping the Scarefest Safe

How scary is too scary during the Halloween fright season?

Five Questions for Season Five of The Walking Dead

Five Questions for Season Five of The Walking Dead
The Personification of Ebola - Fighting the True Infection

The Personification of Ebola - Fighting the True Infection

The disease, which we have personified, becomes the person himself, and the person therefore loses his personhood.

Time to Withdraw the FDA Black Box for Antidepressants

Maybe the Black Box Warning for Antidepressants Needs a Black Box Warning
Mother's Day Through The Eyes of Your Child

Mother's Day Through The Eyes of Your Child

Her job, after all, was to be my mom. It didn't make sense to me for there to be day where we rewarded her for being good at what she already was supposed to be good at.

Divergent Ain't So Divergent

Divergent diverges little from the trials of adolescence. And that's why it works.

Binge-Watching TV With the Kids On Vacation

Lots of Good Stuff to Watch with the Kids

Short Days, Bad Moods; Coping with S.A.D.

This time of year, the days are short, the nights are long, the sunlight is fleeting, and for many of us, our moods plummet.

The Pain of Losing a Pet

A pet is such a gift, and the chance to experience the range of emotions that a pet allows is unique and special.

Ethics and Zombies and Brains (Oh My)

Deciding what to do with a zombie is harder than you think...and neuroscience makes things even more confusing

Dr. Seuss and School House Rock Visit Washington's Quagmire

Maybe talking to Congress like children will help them to behave like adults...

Good-Bye, Breaking Bad. Really...I'll Be Fine.

Saying goodbye can be painful...especially to a television show.

There's a Brain in the Patella at Zombie Summer Camp

Let kids chase their passions like zombies chases their food.
The Best Marriage on TV: Discovering Friday Night Lights

The Best Marriage on TV: Discovering Friday Night Lights

Ask yourself: “What would the Taylors do?”

Guns, Butterflies, and the Developing Brain

I learned first to fire a gun at summer camp. Mostly we shot targets, but on occasion a butterfly was the recipient of our bullets. I can't seem to forget those butterflies...

Will The Walking Dead Jump the Shark?

Can the Walking Dead return to the existential pain that made it great?

Remaining Rational in the Wake of Connecticut

The answer to all of the horrible questions we're currently asking is not to lock up people with psychiatric illness. That answer is repulsive.

Explaining Politics to Your Little Ones

How do you explain all the yelling in politics to your 7 year-old daughter?

What Role for the Poet in the Zombie End?

We cannot survive a zombie apocalypse—let alone our current real-life crises—if we write off the humanities as not worth the investment. Every culture, no matter how battered, must have its poets and its scribes.

"The Hole" of Fear and Nostalgia

Joe Dante's Movie "The Hole" reminds me of the best of 1980's horror. Funny, scary, and a just enough of a mirror to make me look a bit more closely at myself.