Emailing Future Ph.D. Advisors

How and why to contact professors before you apply

The Three R’s of Clinical Psychology Doctoral Interviews

How clinical interviews differ from those in other areas of psychology and how to prepare

Applying to Graduate School For Career Changers Part 2

For career changers: How to gain clinical and research experience before applying to graduate school in psychology.

Applying to Graduate School For Career Changers, Part 1

How to apply to graduate school in psychology for those without a psychology background.

Insider Interview: An Expert’s Thoughts on Changing Careers

Changing careers is intimidating and risky. Do you have what it takes?

Insider Interview with a Current Master's Student

"You get out of grad school what you put into it." What to expect and how to prepare.

Decline in Graduate School Enrollment

Recently released statistics suggest a “perfect storm” of factors for increases in the competitiveness of graduate admissions.

Video Interview: Applying to Masters Programs in Psychology

Answers to important questions about applying to masters degree programs in Psychology.

The Value of Relevant Experience

Thinking about applying to grad school in 2012? Getting experience in the field before you apply will benefit your educational and career goals

Insider Interview with Ph.D. Admissions Committee Chair

A *must read* for those applying to Ph.D. programs

Ph.D. Applications: Go the Extra Mile

A lesser-known way to stand out in Ph.D. program applications.

Birth, Death, Taxes, and Standardized Testing

Preparing for and taking the GRE

Interviewing Part 3: The bottom line

Sizing up the program while you’re getting sized up.

Interviewing, Part 2: Doing the talking

Questions to prepare for

Interviewing, Part 1: The Basics

Looking good on paper is only the first hurdle.

Decision Time

Applications are in... now what?

Masters versus PhD

Insider info about the role of Masters degree and PhD students at Universities

Kisses of Death

Things that will lead to the rejection of an otherwise strong applicant.

My Number One Response to Your E-mails

The most important factor in graduate school admissions.

Hiding Out from Today’s Job Market in Grad School

Admissions offices get very busy when jobs are scarce. What does this mean for your application?

Knowing Is Half the Battle (Part 2)

Distinguishing between the practical and research degrees in psychology.

Knowing Is Half the Battle (Part 1)

Distinguishing between the various advanced degrees in psychology.

Welcome to Grad School Guru

What you need to know before applying to grad school in psychology