The Truth About False Memories

Implanting false memories in people is not as easy as we've been led to believe.

Why You Might Find It Harder to Make New Friends

Every seven years we lose about half of our close network of friends and replace them with others. Here's how it's done.

Why We Care that Brian Williams Lied

News media wield tremendous power to influence policy and hence history. And for that reason, news anchors can't just be pretty faces, charismatic celebrities, or entertainers.

When Plus Size Is and Is Not a Problem

Is the new trend toward plus sized models dangerous? Here's why it's all about that waist.

Be a High Performer (Not a Workaholic) in 2015

Workaholics believe the key to success is working harder and longer than everyone else. High performers know otherwise.

The Secret to a Stress-Free Holiday—and Beyond

Holidays can be times of joy and relaxation, or times of frustration and stress. And a simple shift in thinking is what makes the difference.

Why Waiting to Have Children Poses More Risks Than Benefits

Freezing your eggs doesn't solve the work-life balance challenge. It just puts it off for a decade or so. Here's what needs to change instead.

What Keeps Women out of the Ivy League

Some have argued that women are being kept out of the Ivy League unfairly due to deficient SAT scores. Here is what the evidence shows.

This is What Happens When You Hit Your Kids

Hitting your children may stop their bad behavior but will damage them and your relationship with them in the long run.

Think Libraries Don't Matter? Think Again

91 percent of Americans ages 16 and older say public libraries are important to their communities.

The Dark Side of Emotional Intelligence

People with high emotional intelligence can use it to unfair advantage. In the workplace and in relationships, emotional intelligence can be used to manipulate others.

The Problem With Being Gifted

Even the gifted need these three things to succeed.

Why Your Child Lies

Children begin lying as young as the second year of life, but the best way to respond to those lies depends on the child's age.

Are Males and Females Equally Emotional?

Males and females recruit different brain areas when processing and "down-regulating" (blunting) emotions

Why Some People Seem to Lack Empathy

Empathy can cause emotional overwhelm. Compassion training teaches coping strategies that prevent overwhelm and strengthen resilience.

Why Dogs and Humans, But Not Cats, Can Be Vegans

The curious case of dog-human co-evolution, and its impact on the foods we both can eat.

The Real Reasons People Hate Their Jobs

People give many reasons why they hate their jobs. But only four actually predict job satisfaction and career success.

Why You Shouldn't Take Notes on Your Laptop or Tablet

Researchers decided to find out whether people remember more when they take notes by typing on a computer or by writing longhand. The results were startling.

What the Creepypasta Attempted Murder Proves

This attempted murder was the product of keen, cold, calculating reasoning. Reasoning devoid of empathy.

The Best Financial Advice I Ever Got

These three simple rules can put an end to living paycheck to paycheck, and help you reach your financial goals instead.

How Math Quants Rule the World: High Frequency Trading

Everyone was affected by the 2008 economic meltdown, and that taught us that we cannot afford to ignore what is happening in the stock market. Here is what you need to know now.

How to Work Smarter: Three Keys to Career Success

Unfairness in the workplace is common. But brooding won't help you. Instead, follow these three steps to empower yourself and climb the corporate ladder

Rock-Paper-Scissors is Deeper Than You Thought

A recent study shows how people's preferred strategies can beat game theory.

Why Gen-X Doesn't Get Millennials...or Boomers

Millennials and their Boomer parents have much in common—and not much in common with Gen-X.

How to Learn Faster

To improve your leadership skills and earning power, improve the way you learn and communicate using these four simple principles.

Are Women Smart Enough to Be Engineers?

Only 14% of engineers are women. Is this because women aren't smart enough to be engineers?

Why the Gender Difference on SAT Math Doesn't Matter

Males have consistently scored higher than females on the SAT mathematics subtest since 1972. Does this explain the gender gap in science and engineering careers?

Children Born to Older Fathers at Risk for Mental Disorders

Children born to men age 45 and older have higher risk of developing psychosis, autism, attention deficit disorder, academic difficulties, and substance abuse.

What's Wrong With Arthur Chu's Jeopardy Strategy

What's wrong with Arthur Chu's playing style? It's not about winning because you know the most. It's about winning by making sure others don't get a chance to play.

A Medical Mystery, a Reporter, and a Month of Madness

A New York Post reporter contracted a brain infection and learned what it means to be alive, conscious, and not present in your own body.