What We Should Learn From the Shooting Death of Harambe

Why not capitalize on primate intelligence to develop a strategic training response to this kind of situation to avoid tragedies like Harambe's shooting death in the future?

John Oliver Hilariously Explains Bad Science Media

Like the proverbial game of telephone, by the time a study is summarized by the media, the results are distorted—sometimes hilariously so.

Praise for Adoptive Moms and Stepmoms on Mother's Day

What do adoptive moms and stepmoms have in common? They believe that a family is a group of people who love and care for each other. Shared genes are optional.

Your Brain Does Not Like Sleeping in a New Place

Only half of your brain enters deep sleep when you try to sleep in an unfamiliar place.

What Really Happens When Parents Hits Their Kids

The results are in: 50 years worth of research shows that spanking is ineffective as discipline and detrimental to mental health.

Inside the Mind of a Risk Taker

"The take home message from these success stories is not just that perseverance pays off. It is that successful entrepreneurs are not risk-takers, they are calculated risk-takers."

Why 9 out of 10 Parents Think Their Kids Are at Grade Level

Kamenetz seems to believe "grade level" means "average". A grade level standard is a minimum, not an average.

Should Parents Make Their Children Apologize?

Should children be required to apologize when they cause deliberate or unintentional harm? Here is what science has to say.

Socially Anxious? Beware Where You Look

People who suffer from social anxiety tend to focus on negative social stimuli (like angry faces) when in a group. This habit can have devastating consequences.

What Horses And Genes Are Teaching Us About Addiction

Three genes have been implicated in addiction to marijuana. Here is how horses can help us understand what that means.

A College Degree Pays Off Less If You Grew Up Working Class

Working class and poor students make one huge mistake in college that ends up costing them thousands of dollars in lifetime earnings.

The Claim: Empathy Makes the World Worse

Yale psychologist Paul Bloom argues that acting out of empathy is morally selfish.

More on What Ayn Rand Got Wrong About Human Nature

Ayn Rand based her philosophy on four core beliefs, each of which is disconfirmed by evidence.

How to Get People to Change Their Minds

Cornell researchers turned to social media to find out how people persuade others to change their minds. What they found was surprising.

What Happens When You Take Ayn Rand Seriously?

Among Ayn Rand's devotees are highly influential celebrities, such as Brad Pitt and Eva Mendes, and politicos, such as Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz. Here's why that's a problem.

Love in the Twilight Zone

What would you do if given the opportunity to trade in your body for a younger model?

Why Millennials Don't Call Themselves Feminists

More millennial women support Bernie Sanders than Hillary Clinton, a phenomenon that is an indictment of modern day feminism.

When Teamwork Backfires

Work productivity soars when men and women work on the same team. But men are more likely to get the credit.

The Claim: People Don't Want Economic Equality

A recent Atlantic essay argued that people don't really want equality. We want fairness. So when is inequality considered unfair?

The Art of the Non-Apology

When the hosts of the talk news show The View mocked Miss Colorado's monolog about her work with Alzheimer's patients, they faced a backlash of angry viewers. So they responded with a non-apology. Here's what they should have done instead.

Is Psychological Science Bad Science?

Researchers could not replicate over half of the psychology studies targeted. Here is why that doesn't spell doom for psychological science.

Why You Cannot Remember What You Did While You Were Drunk

Social drinking can cause memory blackouts. Here's why.

A Startling Update on Addiction

A growing body of research suggests addiction to certain drugs may be more about avoiding cravings than seeking pleasure.

The Truth About Children of Working Mothers

The impact of early daycare on child development is different for single-parent, low income families and dual-parent, high income families.

Was United Airlines Justified in Removing an Autistic Child?

Real world problem situations require thinking on your feet. They require problem-solving, not mindless application of rules.

The Real Reason Some Women Put Themselves Down

Women usually respond to compliments by putting themselves down, a strategy that turns out to be and powerful.

Why Some People Are More Resilient Than Others

Everyone suffers at least one negative life event. A recent study discovered two factors that characterize resilient people following negative or even traumatic life events.

The Girl Who Wanted to be Spock: A Tribute to Leonard Nimoy

Spock was stable as a ocean-liner in stormy seas. He saw things clearly and keenly. And my fascination with him made me become a cognitive scientist.

A Psychologist Views Why Moms Get Nothing Done

Imitation is a powerful form of learning that comes on-line early in development and shapes who we become.

What 50 Shades of Grey Tells Us About Women

The phenomenal success of Fifty Shades of Grey is telling something important about the female psyche.