Trauma, Stress, and Restorative Sleep

We have recently been exposed to some very stressful and traumatic events (e.g., Hurricane Sandy, the fiscal cliff, and economic instability). Learn 5 easy steps to relieve insomnia exacerbated by stress and trauma.

Increase Longevity with Seven Hours of Sleep

Did you know that seven hours of sleep is ideal for opitmal health and longevity? Research from the University of California San Diego that was led by Daniel Kripke, M.D., shows once and for all that eight hours of sleep per night can actually decrease longevity. Follow these easy to use natural sleep health strategies to live longer and with greater vitality.

The Rhythm of Sleep

Resonate with your natural circadian rhythm for optimal sleep health. Learn how the eight keys to natural sleep recovery can help you self-regulate for restorative sleep.

Ten Mindfulness Keys For Unlocking the Door to Optimal Sleep

Return to the present moment where life is only found, and allow yourself to notice with compassion your positive and negative thoughts, feeling, and images about sleep. Seed the present moment with ten mindfulness keys throughout the day and night to experience deeply restorative and optimal sleep.