The Last Letter My Grandmother Ever Wrote

The trick is to live more watchfully.

God is a Verb

God happens in, through, around, and between us.

Never Close Your Eyes

If you close your eyes, you won't be able to see.

In Grief "Moving on" May Not Always Be the Solution

When a parent loses a child, there is no "moving on," but there is "living with.

Is 75 the Right Age to Die?

Simply stated, we are going to die, not theoretically, but actually.

So, What is Faith Anyway?

Faith is leaping even when no net is visible. In the leaping, the Invisible is made visible.

When the Word Doesn't Become Flesh

What happens when your work doesn't come to fruition? When "process" doesn't lead to "product"? When journey and destination don't meet?

If We Didn't Show Up, What Would We Miss?

During life's transitions, how present we are matters.

When Death Comes Too Slowly

It is difficult to watch a parent who is ready, willing, but not able to die.

When the Bright Lights of Retirement Dim

In retirement, when the luster of not working wears off, the trick is finding something to do that is meaningful to you.

"What Did God Say?"

In spiritual matters, to listen while “not knowing” is essential. To listen closely is to wait; it is to be open; it is to be patient; it is to attend; it is to be present; it is to trust the silence as much as the words; it is to allow what seems like darkness to reveal its light.

Have I Ever Had a Mystical Experience?

Noticing is at the heart of mystical experience. Often what we must notice are the most mundane things.

"A Dandelion Is a Dandelion Is a..."

I don’t remember when the transformation occurred and these tiny flowers became mere weeds, something to be chopped into submission rather than appreciated or celebrated.

It Takes a Lot to Plant and Harvest Meaning

The long view of life's meaning often begins when there is nothing much to see.

Nothing Like a Good Wrestling Match...With God No Less

We all need a place where we can wrestle with ourselves and with life's meaning.

"My Doctor Isn't God!"

One woman's fight with cancer reveals lessons about living with dying.

How Do We Create "Flow"?

We all have the capacity for "flow" if we can find and do what we love most.

Smokey Robinson, Time, and Beginnings Without End

No matter the stage of one's life, a key spiritual task is to find beginnings.

The Afterlife Reconsidered

Is the afterlife here and now, or there and then? Do our beliefs about the afterlife effect the way we live?

Lessons on Seeing From a Three Year Old

Sometimes we can see best when we keep our eyes open in the dark. Sometimes the most important 'knowing' is 'not knowing' at all.

Why Do Good?

The Old Testament story of Job challenges many of our notions about the rewards of doing good.

Doing the Uncalled For When It's Called For

I learned an important lesson from a former client who taught me the value of taking risks, of doing what may seem uncalled for when, in fact, it is called for.

Elvis, Elvis Everywhere

We live with and love distraction and stimulation. Is there a place for quiet and even boredom?

November 22, 1963...and Beyond

I came of age in the 1960s, the assassination of President Kennedy being one of a cascade of defining moments, many of which brought national despair, but also, for me, personal hope.

The Day My Father Died

Being with my father when he died taught me more about life than death.

Tiptoeing Across the Circle of Time

In my retirement I find that I am often occupied and preoccupied by the issue of time. It finds its way into my fiction. I am working on a new novel, More More Time, and in this excerpt, the protagonist, a high school history teacher in his sixties, tries to convince his students that the Civil War is relevant by discussing the closeness of all time, past, present, future.

Laughing Toward Enlightenment

Meditation is strenuously simple in its intent. Take a humorous walk down the path to enlightenment.

Cancer and the Best Day

When faced with life threatening illness, hope is often our first line of defense.

Whether We Realize It Or Not, We Are All Creators

We are creating ourselves all the time, whether we realize it or not. Sometimes that creative process can only begin when we feel lost in the void.

Searching for Cicada Shells

Searching for cicada shells reveals a simple beauty----life's continuity and change.