Overinvolved Parent of the Week: P Diddy

Sean "Diddy" Combs allegedly attacks UCLA football coach after son's practice

The Problem With Youth Sports?

What has happened to the innocent world of youth sports?

45, 15, and 5. And a Win. On the Road. What Will Critics Say Now?

LeBron James pulled out one of the all-time great playoff performances in NBA history on Thursday evening. Even LeBron’s greatest critics have to acknowledge his performance in Game 6 was nothing short of incredible.

Paralysis by Analysis in Athletes

Why do athletes choke? R.J. Hildebrand, a 23-year-old rookie driver was poised to win the 2011 Indy 500 this past week. On the final lap, tragedy struck. As Hildebrand made the final turn, comfortably in the lead, he lost control of his car briefly, slammed into the wall, and was passed by Dan Wheldon. This shocking turn of events startled viewers and analysts.

Plays of Our Lives: Blind Spots in Self-Awareness of Brad Childress and Randy Moss

Less than one month ago, Vikings fans were energized by Childress’s signing of Moss. Moss is one of the most talented receivers in the history of the NFL. Childress had a better-than-average record as head coach. Both Moss and Childress had major blind spots that led to a messy exit from Minnesota.

LeBron James Saga Shows Us What is Wrong with Pro Sports: Why we Ought not Make Pro Athletes our Role Models

How can so many people look so bad after this week's LeBron James press conference?

The Psychology of the NBA Finals

What will happen next in the most intriguing NBA Finals in years? What psychological factors are at work as Boston and Los Angeles go head to head?

The Psychology of the Celtics-Lakers Series: A Preview

 Lakers - Celtics: Who wins and why?

How the NBA Playoffs Help Explain Butler’s NCAA Success

 How good were the Butler Bulldogs this year? Why do the NBA Playoffs help shed light on this question?

What Happened? Why Butler’s March Madness turned to Sadness vs. Duke

The last 30 seconds of the Duke-Butler National Championship Game provided a perfect demonstration of the psychological and tactical sides of basketball. So What Happened???

Guess Who Won the Gold Medal?

Guess which athlete in this photo just won a gold medal?

Why March Madness = March Sadness for 99% of Sports Fans

WHAT HAPPENED?Why do fans ask this question so frequently? Is it because they believe their team ought to win every game? This cannot happen, yet fans act surprised, perplexed, and even outraged when their team does not win the national championship.