Christmas Blues

For some Christmas is a period with at least some kind of disappointment, anxiety, or even sadness, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

Psychiatric Trouble May Start in the Thyroid, Should We Be Surprised?

Doctors often overlook the underlying hormonal basis of psychiatric disorders.

NATO’s Double Standard on Treating and Protecting Stabilization Forces in Afghanistan

The charred remains of cars and motorcycles, from a recent suicide bomb, litters the parking lot adjacent to the heavily fortified Canadian military base in Kandehar—a graphic warning that the Taliban are at the Coalition’s gates.

Helping Heroes and Screening the Disaster Tourists

A call for increased mental health screening and contingencies by NGOs during disasters.

Looking for Sexy: The Disparity of Mental Health in Global Public Health

There is just as much of an economic justification for investing in cost-effective mental health care as there is in in­terventions for other chronic conditions such as anti-retroviral therapy for AIDS.