Evaluating Gifted Programs: Four Essential Questions

Faced with options, trying to find the best "fit" for your gifted child? Here are some questions to consider--and at least one reason why it might not matter all that much.

How to Improve Your Memory Instantly: Part Two

A crash course in doubling, tripling your memory—the sky is the limit! Part two of "How to Improve Your Memory, Instantly." Go ahead, impress yourself with your own giftedness.

How to Improve Your Memory, Instantly

Do you recall a time when you studied for a test and recalled that the answer to a question lay in your notebook…it was on the right-hand page…in the upper right corner…. Do you recall precisely where you were when you heard of the attacks on 9/11? Consider how often your brain gives you mental pictures to help you recall information. Today, let's put it to the test!

Are You From My Planet? Why the Gifted May Seem Goofy

What is a teacher (or parent, co-worker, peer, etc.) to do when a gifted individual asks a question that seems utterly, well,… nonsensical? A question that makes him look—not so much uninformed or even innocent, per se—but rather “scattered” instead of “gifted.”

The Curious Case of the Gullible Gifted

Why would those who are intellectually advanced seem to be less than so at times? No so fast. What you perceive as a lack of critical thinking could be, in truth, quite the opposite.

Appealing Your Child's Gifted Placement Decision

You really have to remember only one truth here: It is your right to appeal this decision. It is not antagonistic of you to do so, and it is not a waste of anyone’s time to demand it.

The Dilemma:The Young Gifted and (Lack of) Fine Motor Skills

For the parents of the very young and gifted, this is indeed a tricky time of childhood to navigate: his mind and brain is ready and eager to explore and express itself but often his physical abilities to do so are limited. But there are ways to help your child express his full potential. Let's get to it.

Giftedness and Boredom, Part Two: Tackling the Issue Head On

When boredom becomes a stagnant source of negativity that kills a child’s interest in learning and when that boredom is the result of poor curricular decisions, it needs to be addressed. Let's do it.
Giftedness and Classroom Boredom: Maybe It's Not All Bad

Giftedness and Classroom Boredom: Maybe It's Not All Bad

Michaelangelo is credited with commenting that, “If people knew how hard I had to work to gain my mastery, it would not seem so wonderful at all.” Persevering against boredom in the very face of that boredom is what builds tenacity, skill, and the patience to solve long-term problems.

Sorry, But... Your Exceptional Child Might Not Be "Gifted"

I have had this conversation, or similar ones, many times over. Once we finally get there, at the heart of it all, will lie two central debate points. One is the age old question of Nature versus Nurture. The other will focus on how we ultimately define and assess the quality of “gifted-ness.”

When It's Time to Cut Your Gifted Child Some Slack

Giftedness does not exempt that individual from going through the same behavioral developmental stages and benchmarks that any other person must inevitably go through.

Surviving the Middle School Years with your Gifted Child

The key to surviving the middle school years with your gifted child lies in a few surprisingly simple things you can do to support your ‘tween.'

Great Gift Ideas for the Gifted

Here are some kid-tested and educator-approved ideas that will delight and challenge any gifted child. Cheers to the holidays!

Why Your Gifted Teen May Act Anything But Gifted

From crazy pranks posted proudly on YouTube to downright dangerous driving decisions.... Why does your gifted teenager make such foolish choices at times? Maybe it's not entirely his fault....

Brain Basics, Part One: The Power of Visualization

We, as teachers and parents, are at a pivotal point in time now wherein the apexes of both educational theory and brain research just might overlap. Making use of these understandings, that is actually “applying the science to the art” of teaching and parenting, is what will, in the end, help our children be able to take the next grand steps on their own.
The Highly Distracted Gifted Child: You Can Help

The Highly Distracted Gifted Child: You Can Help

Some gifted children have an official ADD or ADHD diagnosis, yes, but many others may not—despite the fact that they may be as equally affected, even in some cases debilitated, by the problems of chronic distractibility. Here, then, are a few tips for parents who find themselves ready to throw in the towel with their distractible gifted child.

Parents of the Gifted...You Need to Slow Down!

Filling a child’s schedule to the hilt is what many parents perceive as an act of love and unconditional support of his/her talents. But while the intention is pure, the results and the effects of that can be exhausting and possibly even counter-productive.

So Your Gifted Child Gets All A's... So What?

For gifted students, the traditional interpretation of a report card's grades may be irrelevant, at best, and perhaps even meaningless.
Bullying and the Gifted: Welcome Back to School?

Bullying and the Gifted: Welcome Back to School?

In many ways, the very qualities that help make a student gifted are the precise ones that may cause him/her to be bullied by his peers.

Everyday Glimpses of Giftedness

Sometimes all we need to capture a glimpse of giftedness in others is the care to genuinely reflect on what they've said.

Battling Summer Brain Drain: Enrichment Not Acceleration

You're worried that your child's brain (or your own!) will get a bit foggy this summer. Before you rush out to buy those curriculum workbooks from a teacher supply store, consider the alternatives.

Gifted Students: Scared of... Tests? Part 1

It is entirely possible, maybe even likely, that gifted students can suffer from test anxiety.

Meaningful Busywork: Parsing the Oxymoron

Defining busywork as "relevant" or "useless" begins first with an understanding of its purpose, not how it feels as the person complete it.
Encouraging Failure: Why Perfection Is Not Perfect

Encouraging Failure: Why Perfection Is Not Perfect

Recovery from failure is what encourages risk-taking. Recovering from failure encourages growth.

A Different "Twice-Exceptional" Learner

The left-hemispheric processor enjoys school. The right hemispheric processor hangs around and hopes he catches on.

The "Bright Child" vs. the "Gifted Learner": What's the Difference?

Though the child may sail through what the teacher offers, this doesn't mean he's gifted.

All AP? Not for Me! Why Gifted Students Shouldn't Take the Highest Level Classes

It's a question of what benefits the whole child--mind, body and soul--that needs to be considered at times like this.

Parent-Teacher Conferences: Advocating for Your Gifted Child

You know your child best so don't hesitate to speak to his/her strengths--or look for ways to build on weaknesses.
Identifying the Gifted: Trouble-Shooting 101

Identifying the Gifted: Trouble-Shooting 101

Many gifted students will only show their task commitment if the task is one they find intrinsically engaging.