5 Simple Ways to Get Better Sleep

America is increasingly sleepless, but there are ways to improve the number of restful nights you have.

New Every Night

Just what does the brain do during sleep?

Colds and Clocks - How Bugs Use Timing to Infect You

Time rules life - included when and how you get infected.

Is the Brain Like Muscle?

Grow your legs, grow your brain.

It's Better to Be Rich

Rich in America have gained as much expected lifespan in the last 15 years as if all cancer deaths were abolished.

Incredible Edibles

Food drugs carry special risks, and marijuana is no exception.

Not Only the Lonely

It's not just who you know that counts - it's how you know them.

It Seemed a Good Idea...

It seemed so obvious at the time.

Saving Sleep Medicine

Sleep is critical to life, and sleep medicine important to health.

5 Ways to Sink Summer Stress

It's summer. Time to relax.

Sleeplessly at War

Sleep deprivation can hurt or kill you - especially when you're a soldier.

The Anti-Relaxation Movement

Who is telling me to relax?

What's Wrong With Immortality?

Plan to live forever - or die trying?

When Life is Too Sweet

Why does sugar have to be bad for you?

Substitute to Aid Success

When things don't work, try something else.

Will Sleep Apnea Give Me Alzheimer's?

In dreams begin realities—but to remember stuff you need to sleep effectively.

Apple Watch or Apple MD?

If the body is information, is living better through quicker information?

The Blue Light Special

Time rules life. Light rules inner time.

Sleep For Sex

Forget better living through chemistry—start with sleep and sex.

Is It Safe to Fly? Suicide as Murder

Killing affects more than the dead.

Whatever Happened to Health?

What you don't count often counts most. If the numbers are good, how bad can things be? Pretty bad.

The Electronic Sleep Diet

Here's some sensuous ways to fall asleep.

Diets: What We Don't Know

Sometimes you need a guide to the guidelines.

Can Bacteria Make You Fat?

The problems of keeping things in the family

Health Insurance—Insuring Insecurity

Corruption breeds cynicism—welcome to health insurance

The Power of Ideology

Some ideologies are better than others

Cancer and Luck

If much of cancer is a matter of luck, how can we justify refusal of treatment?

Colds - A New Approach to Treatment

Medical care does not do much to stop or treat colds. The Regeneration Health approach can change that around.