In a recent post by Mbali Creazzo, she discussed the gift of letting go. In other words, the gift of forgiveness. We often think of forgiving someone as a gift to them, but as Mbali shared her thoughts, it was easy to grasp the fact that forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself.

"When we are hurt we can go through a variety of unexpressed or expressed emotions, especially if the person has passed on..... The longer we leave them untapped, untouched and unexpressed the deeper our pain and more difficult it becomes. How then do we let go so we can forgive?

The powerful part of divinations and ritual is that the divination allows us a place to do forgiveness work with those who have passed on and the ritual allows us to actually take an action towards letting go.

When we are stuck we often become immobilized. Taking an action mobilizes that feeling and moves us to regaining our power. I have never forgotten the relief and freedom of chains I have felt when I have moved to forgiveness and vulnerability. Some feel vulnerability is a weakness it reminds us of that powerlessness again. It is a strength and it is courageous."

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