Strong Opinions

Is it possible to have an opinion whilst being open to the possibility of another outcome, an opinion that has the potential to move, to shift, to change?

Here, Not There

When we are 'here' we notice the little things, we notice change, we appreciate what we already have in our life, and we see things as they really are, rather than how we imagine them to be.

Living for the Weekend

Remind yourself of the inherent value of each and every moment, no matter what name of the week you give it.

The Imaginary Lovers

It's easy to get caught up in all the little stories, the dramas, the hopes and the fears of the mind.

The Wisdom of Uncertainty

As humans, we're always grasping for certainty. But there is no shame in not knowing, there is only freedom.

What Is Awareness?

We are not what we do, what we say, what we think, or even what we feel. Whilst these things may define our experience of life, they do not define who we are.

The Mirror Doesn't Work

Each time we sit down, we polish our awareness and see our mind a little more clearly.

Shared Experiences

It is in acknowledging that we all struggle with our thoughts and emotions in a similar way that we begin to feel less isolated.

Personal Growth

Personal growth is the direct experience of life.

Patience in Learning a New Skill

How to develop and maintain your meditation practice.

Letting Go

Learn how to have a clear, calm and spacious mind.

The Mind and Watching the News

Learn how to face challenging thoughts and feelings.

How to Nurture Your Creativity

Learn how to harness your creativity

Mindfulness and the Phases of a Relationship

How to be mindful in your relationships

A Short Exercise in Mindful Cooking

Learn how to be mindful whilst cooking your favourite dish

Accessing Your Limitless Potential

It is often said that as human beings we’ve got limitless potential. But how can we practically apply this to our experience of meditation?

The Mindful Use of Technology

Here are 5 practical tips on the mindful use of technology to help you make the most out of your experiences in an ever-increasingly tech-driven world.

Using your Walk to Work as a Meditative Moment

An exercise in walking meditation allowing you to become present and connect to what is happening in the here and now.

5 Tips for Integrating Mindfulness Into Everyday Life

Get some top tips on how to integrate mindfulness into your day.

The Need for Silence

Silence is an inherent quality of the human mind, that each and every one of us has the potential to experience.

Being Generous in the Way We Give

When we give, is it from a place of pride, insecurity, anxiety, desire...or is it from the place of quiet confidence, of unadulterated kindness which, just like the blue sky, is ever-present, unchanging, and limitless in nature?

Exploring Emotions

A practical technique for investigating and increasing your understanding of how and why you feel the way you do...

Dealing with Criticism

Learn how to take criticism in your stride by creating some space in your mind...

Wanting Other Things

As human beings we're pretty much always caught up in wanting stuff. But how can you work to skilfully turn this wanting into genuine appreciation and gratitude?

A Meditation on Sleep

Getting to sleep doesn't have to be a struggle.

Making the Time to Be Kind

What to do when life takes over, we get too busy, our thoughts and emotions become overwhelming and we lose touch with that innate ability to be kind.

Making the Most of the Holiday Season

When did the Holidays become so serious?

Letting Go of a Grudge

Who benefits most when we let go of a grudge?

What Is a Beautiful Mind?

What qualities of mind do you prize the most, and which ones best reflect this notion?

Our Projections and Learning How to Be Present

How much of our everyday experience is influenced by projection?