Narcissists Are Aggressive Jerks!

Does self-love or self-hate underly aggression and violence?

Praise, like penicillin, must not be given haphazardly!

Adults are especially likely to give person praise (e.g., "You're great!") and inflated praise (e.g., "That's an incredibly beautiful drawing!") to low self-esteem children because they think they desperately need such praise. However, research shows that personal and inflated praise is especially likely to backfire in low self-esteem children.

It’s time to kill the death penalty

Death penalty models killing, is irreversible, does not deter crime, targets the poor and minorities, may be "cruel and unusual punishment," and is more costly than life in prison.

Violent video games decrease self-control

One of the best predictors of success in life is self-control. Violent video games discourage self-control. New research shows that playing violent video games not only increases aggression, it also increases cheating and eating unhealthy food.

Anger management: What works and what doesn't

Everyone gets angry, and most people don’t like the feeling. This article described what works and what doesn’t for managing anger.

Global warming can also increase aggression and violence.

When temperatures rise, tempers can too. Hot temperatures make people cranky, increasing the likelihood that they will behave in an aggressive and violent manner. Although people feel drained when hot, heat actually increases physiological arousal (e.g., heart rate). People can mislabel heat-induced arousal as anger, and over-react to provocations.

Why do people deny violent media effects?

Most of us don’t like to admit that the things we enjoy doing might also be bad for us, whether that be playing violent video games or eating chocolate. Although playing a violent video game probably will not turn you into a murderer, research has consistently shown that violent media affect males and females of all ages.

The "weapons effect"

“Guns not only permit violence, they can stimulate it as well. The finger pulls the trigger, but the trigger may also be pulling the finger.” —Leonard Berkowitz, Emeritus Professor of Psychology, University of Wisconsin

Video game guns and realistic guns

Playing a violent first-person shooting game for only 20 minutes increased accuracy in shooting a realistic gun, especially at the head.

Why violent shooting sprees can paralyze people with fear

In the aftermath of a shooting spree, people grossly overestimate the likelihood that it could happen to them, due to the availability heuristic. In reality, people are much safer than they think they are.

The tradeoffs of gun ownership

For every single use of a gun to kill in self-defense in the United States, there are 34 criminal gun homicides, 78 gun suicides, and 2 accidental gun deaths.

Masturbation: A Brief and Rigorous History

Masturbation is the most common sexual activity. Ironically, it’s also probably the one people talk about the least. Big people, small people, practically all people masturbate.

The Great Porn Debate

They arrived on campus, one portly, hairy and short, the other slim and sexy in an emo-rockstar sort of way. One a porn star, one a pastor. Ron Jeremy and Craig Gross.

You Are What You Eat

Given the high level of unemployment these days, many of us find ourselves going on job interviews. We fuss over our hair and worry about what to wear to these events, hoping that we’ll give the right impression. But perhaps we should also be considering what we smell like.

What The Artist Reveals About Nonverbal Behavior

The very fact that this silent film moved so many around the world is a tribute to the power and beauty of nonverbal behavior.

The Truth About Texting and Talking While Driving

Several recent studies show that text messaging and conversing on either a handheld or hands-free cell phone while driving slows reaction time more than being drunk or high.

Teens, Sex, and Co-ed Sleepovers

Would you allow your teenage son or daughter spend the night with his or her steady partner in your home? A study of parents found that while 91% of American parents said no, 93% of Dutch parents said yes (Schalet, 2011). This dramatic difference in opinions is mainly due to cultural differences in attitudes about sexuality.

Getting the Signal

Let me ask you a simple question that stumps just about everyone: What image appears on the back of a $10 bill? Invariably, no more than a small handful of people know the answer.

How Is Parenting a Challenging Child Like Trying to Lose Weight?

Our new research is finding that some of the same obstacles that interfere with successful weight loss also face parents who are challenged by their child's outbursts. Despite hours of parent training, many families simply are not able to follow through on the techniques they learn because of interfering thoughts and emotions.

Are You Under the Influence of Implicit Attitudes?

Our automatic responses to people may be based more on their physical features than the content of their character. Although we may think of ourselves as free of prejudices based on skin color, our behavior may belie that belief.

Do violent video games increase aggression?

There are at least three reasons to believe that violent video games might be even more harmful than violent TV programs and films.