BSIDE logo Join me tomorrow (Wed 7/22) evening at 7pm EASTERN TIME (that's 6pm Central) on WWMM-fm 100.5 in Birmingham and streaming live on the web as I share the radio waves with Alan Hunter (yes, that Alan Hunter for all you children of the 80s) and Dr. Josh on The b*Side Radio Show.

We'll be talking about the effects of clutter in your life, how to combat clutter and disorganization so your life can totally rock! We'll also be answering caller questions on the topic, so if you have a burning question, I invite you to call toll-free at 1-877-569-1005 and we'll get you on the air.

Rock on readers!


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Monica Ricci

Atlanta-based organizing expert Monica Ricci is the author of Organize Your Office In No Time, a busy person's guide to tackling clutter and disorganization at work.

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