Lucy in the Mind of Lennon

A trip inside John Lennon's mind through his trippy masterpiece.

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Is Happiness Overrated?

Is happiness overrated?I don't know if it is. On one hand, what could anyone want more than happiness? Isn't happiness what we're after? Don't we do all those things we do hoping for happiness as an end result, a mainlined dose of congratulations?

Today's Antidepressants: Some Sad Facts

There is a long list of sad facts about today's antidepressants.  I'm going to put down what I reckon are the saddest of the sad facts; others are welcome to add their own.  In this post I report the findings of scientific research. 

There is no "real" psychology

A recent post on "real" psychology--as opposed to all the fake or unreal psychology out there--got me thinking. The day we all decide on what real psychology is, is the day psychology dies. Real psychology equals dead-ended, myopic, oversimplification--of subject matter and of methodology. Real psychology is a means-centered approach. That is to say: only psychologists making use of prescribed, narrowly-defined "scientistic" methods are allowed into the fold. All others are touchy-feely, hopelessly subjective trespassers. Such a stance is 1) naïve, 2) unhistorical, and 3) regressive.

Why Freud and Jung Broke Up: Part II

Fellow blogger Dr. Stephen A. Diamond objects to my recent post titled "Why Freud and Jung Broke Up," calling it "an overly simplistic and fundamentally flawed Freudian interpretation" revolving around "repressed" homosexuality. That's a pretty thorough indictment, to say the least!

The "Pornification" of Human Consciousness

Porn is the new metaphor. But it doesn't stop there. It is also the new universally shared experience. The nation has been "pornified." It's everywhere. It's open 24/7. And chances are good, judging from research into internet habits, that before or after reading this post, a high percentage of you will visit a porn site. Maybe you just did. The point is, if you did, you are hardly alone.

The Psychological Consequences of Fame

I'm teaching a class on Psychobiography now, my area of specialization. This time around we're studying the lives of John Lennon, Elvis, and Kurt Cobain, and like psychobiographers do, trying to superimpose the life and personality on the art to see how the subjective origins of the art can be illuminated. Quite a lot always comes up, but one theme that interpenetrates when it comes to Lennon, Elvis, and Cobain concerns the psychological consequences of fame itself.

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Diagnoses Often Get Us Nowhere

Diagnosis equals understanding?  No.