Surviving Generation Stress: One Act of Kindness

Kindness, and acts of kindness, show up everywhere -- we simply need to take notice of them. In this post, I demonstrate how our brains benefit from performing and/or witnessing acts of kindness, and I share a fun and simple activity for the entire family that will help us all develop the prefrontal cortex of our brains and help grow the positive emotions in all of us.

Surviving Generation Stress: 2 Acts of Engagement

Time with our kids can often feel like it's slipping away. Everywhere we turn is a busy schedule, and depending on your work commitments and their school and activities calendar, there may be as little as one or two hours a day for you to spend with them. Here are some simple ways to create meaningful moments amidst our hectic lives.

Surviving Generation Stress:3 Things for Which I Am Grateful

Gratitude is an excellent practice for anyone who wants to experience more positive emotions. And grateful children and teens tend to thrive. Kids who formally practice gratitude get higher grades, are more satisfied with their lives, are more integrated socially, and show fewer signs of depression.

Surviving Generation Stress: 4 Roses

ROSE is a simple process for engraving the good things that we experience over the course of the day into the neural structure of our brain. It is a profound Mindful Parenting practice that the entire family will enjoy!

Surviving Generation Stress: 5 Minutes of Mindful Breathing

A colleague once told me that the key to being a great parent was simply to be the person you want your kids to become. I think we all want our kids to be peaceful, kind and happy. Yet most of us run around busy, overwhelmed and seriously stressed out.