What Trump’s Actions Really Mean for Transgender Students

Five things to know and do in response to Trump's revocation of supportive resources for transgender youth.

Patriarchy 101

Are schools sexist? How can we know?

Free Speech vs. Hate Speech

How can we balance free speech and student safety?

Improving School Climate

New opportunities to emphasize the importance of measuring and improving school climate

Why school climate matters with a President Trump

Incidents of biased harassment are on the rise. What this mean for parents and educators and what you can do.

What's the Big Deal About Bathrooms?

What the North Carolina bathroom bill means for kids in schools

The Case for Transgender-Affirming School Policies

How can we make schools more inclusive of transgender students? Why policies matter.

5 lessons from Bruce Jenner

we need to start by using different language and asking different questions as we seek to understand and make space for diverse gender identities and expressions

School dangerous for LGBT youth despite legal protections

New study shows that LGBT youth bullied & threatened more and skip school more often than heterosexual, cisgender teens.

New Study: 85% of Teachers Support LGBTQ Education

Teachers support K-12 schools including information about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people.

Toy Shopping Tips: How to Promote Gender Equity

With toy shopping season in high gear, parents should think carefully about toy purchases and the messages they send with their gifts.

Parents Held Liable for Kid's Cyberbullying

A Georgia court found parents negligent when their child created a fake Facebook page. What do cyberbullying laws actually say and what can adults do?

Teacher Sex Scandals

Sexual assault, consent, and sexuality education are important issues. Sexual double standards in our culture are also discussed.

NFL’s Masculinity Problem and How It Affects Us All

The media have been obsessed with the NFL scandal. What is at the root of these problems and why should we all pay attention? Plus, suggestions for ways for parents to talk with your kids about this difficult subject matter.

“My school won’t stop the bullying”

“I have reported the bullying to my principal, but nothing has happened." Here are 10 steps to follow to get a more active response from your school to stop bullying and harassment.

Bullying and Back-to-School Anxiety

With the new school year many children experience anxiety about the first days of school…but for kids who have been targeted for bullying and harassment, back to school can be a nightmare.

The Prom Date Draft in The OC: Why We Should All Care

5 problems with holding a 'draft' for prom dates.

"Gender Reveal Parties" In Utero?

There are a few problem with "gender reveal parties" in utero—here are four.

The Danger of “Boys Will Be Boys”

The expression "boys will be boys" is dangerous. This blog is my attempt to organize my thoughts and gather some relevant research in order to help other parents and teachers who may find themselves perplexed when this expression is used to explain violent behavior in children.

Generation Bullied 2.0

Finding resources to help targeted and vulnerable youth.

Promoting Digital Citizenship & Preventing Cyberbullying

In honor of digital citizenship week (Oct. 21-25) here are 10 tips for parents and educators to encourage responsible behaviors online.

The Dangers of the Popular Gay Kid

How is it dangerous for a school to have students who are out, proud, well-liked, and accepted by their peers?

“I Am a Parent of a Gender-Nonconforming Son”

Five suggestions for families with gender-nonconforming kids with an invitation to add more!

20 Years of LGBTQ Research in Education Part 2

New legislation introduced at the federal level can improve the lives on LGBTQ youth in schools. Looking at historical trends, 3 reasons why are proposed as well as recommended action steps.

What We Know From 20 Years of LGBTQ Research in Education

Summarizing trends in educational research on LGBTQ issues in education to understand how research has impacted policy shifts, and make recommendations for future steps.

Letter from a 9th grade reader: “I worry. A lot”

What can peers do to support their friends who are transgender, gender creative, or don't otherwise fit into their school's culture?

Gender Diverse Parenting: Creating Space For Kids

Finding ways to parent our children that frees them from limiting gender stereotypes and empowers them to be their "true gender selves"
Stop Blaming the Victim: Changing Gender Paradigms for Safer Schools

Stop Blaming the Victim: Changing Gender Paradigms for Safer Schools

There are many cases of principals or teachers or parents telling kids to not dress this way, or talk that way, or do this thing that they love, and they won’t get bullied so much. Instead of blaming the victim, we need to look at the environment, not the child, as the problem.

Bullying Intervention Programs: Where Have We Gone Wrong?

A school in Canada addressed bullying by essentially assigning a 'bodyguard' to a student. This is emblematic of how many schools make mistakes in their reponse programs. This post presents 5 common mistakes and suggestions for how to avoid them.

High Standards for Low Pay: Teachers, Facebook & Community Values

NPR’s Talk of the Nation recently hosted a show to discuss the limits of teacher expression. Can teachers be disciplined for out of school behaviors? Is it fair to hold them to a higher standard than average citizens? In the world of Facebook, can we expect any privacy?