Are There Universals in Human Behavior? Yes

The study of human nature is a legitimate scientific enterprise.

Is the Human Nature/Culture War Ever Going to End?

Evolutionary psychologists and cultural anthropologists have already shed enough blood

The Extreme Female Brain

Men are better at “systemizing”, which involves carefully analyzing information and categorizing it in relation to some principles, while women are better at “empathizing”, which involves understanding and caring about other people’s feelings. Too much empathizing, however, may lead to fear of negative evaluations and contribute to the occurrence of eating disorders.

The Evolution of Spiteful Behavior

I have seen congested traffic and aggressive drivers in many cities around the world. More than once I have noticed that if two cars arrive simultaneously at an intersection, one driver will honk his horn and try to engage the intersection before the other does.

Are You Dominant or Subordinate in Your Romantic Relationship?

Dominance is so intrinsic to human social relationships that we don’t even notice it. The truth is, however, dominance permeates many aspects of our everyday social lives.

Do Women Drive Heterosexual Romantic Relationships?

A recent study shows that pair-bonding is much more important to women than men.
What Your Facebook Account Says About Your Brain

What Your Facebook Account Says About Your Brain

Why do some people have thousands of friends on Facebook and others have just a few? It turns out that it depends on the size of their brain.

The Seven Year Itch: Theories of Marriage, Divorce, and Love

In the 1955 film The Seven Year Itch, a married man struggles with the temptation to leave his wife and small child to run off with the young woman next door, played by Marilyn Monroe. The title of the film refers to a time in a marriage when—according to the U.S. Census Bureau—a divorce is most likely to happen.

Is Love Meant to Be Stressful?

All cooperative relationships share the same commitment problem: a business partner may cooperate one moment and cheat in another; a Congressman may support Romney's campaign for months and then switch allegiance to Gingrich the day after he wins the South Carolina Primary. The commitment problem occurs because costs and benefits of a relationship may change over time.

Murder in the Elevator

In reality, the probability of being the victim of a deadly attack in an elevator is virtually zero. Yet the way people act toward others when they ride together in an elevator suggests that they have serious concerns about their safety. Much of our elevator behavior is not the result of rational thinking.