Why Insecure People Make Such Bad Bosses

A sense of security is beneficial for many reasons, but particularly so when other people depend on you. Horrible bosses can be horrible for many reasons, but being insecure is arguably one of the most important. Whether it’s your boss, or the boss of your lover or friend, understanding the effects of personal insecurity can give you important insights.

17 Rules to Guide You Through Any Conflict

Whether in your relationships or your work life, it’s inevitable that you’ll be involved in a conflict with someone over something. These 17 principles will guide you in learning how best to put your emotions, motives, and communication skills to settle any of those conflicts in to produce successful results.

6 Ways to Get More Comfortable With Others, and Yourself

Social skills are a vital tool to promote success in life. You may think that the socially adept among us are born, not bred. These 7 simple tips can help you gain the skills you need to handle any situation with charm and grace.

Want to Get Closer to Your Partner? Try These 36 Questions

There are plenty of online tests to help you figure out whether you truly love your mate. With this 36-item quiz, you may not only create stronger bonds with either a prospective or existing partner but also learn more about yourself.

Have You Been Seduced by Positive Psychology?

We’re told so often about the power of positive thinking that it’s become almost a no-brainer to talk yourself up when you’ve got a major challenge to face. Surprisingly, relying too heavily on an upbeat approach could backfire if you let your effort slide in the process.

6 Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself

You may think that caring for your own needs is a luxury you can ill afford. However, research shows both why and how you can benefit from these 6 self-care strategies.

Does Your Personality Predispose You to the Winter Blues?

With winter in the northern climes comes an increase in the risk of developing Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. Short of a diagnosable disorder, others experience the winter blues. As it turns out, it’s not only the cold or the reduction in daylight but personality may also play a key role.

How Reading Can Change You in a Major Way

The myth that personality becomes set in stone early in life persists despite growing evidence that change is possible, and occurs throughout life. New research suggests a simple, and surprising way to jump start the process.

Why You and Your Siblings May Still Be Rivals

No matter how much siblings love each other, they’re bound to have their share of conflict, often over the attention of their parents. Whether you’re a sibling, or a parent of one, you know that sibling rivalry is real. Here are some insights to help you understand where it comes from and what the effects of parental favoritism can be over time.

How Do You Really Know When You’re An Adult?

When you stop and think about yourself, do you feel that you’re truly an adult, or do you still think of yourself as a “kid?” The journey to adulthood begins earlier for some people than others, but there are surprising ways to find out when and how people make this important life transition.

Why Sexual Narcissists Make Unfaithful Partners

Narcissists, with their excessive self-focus and desire to satisfy their own needs, might seem to be the least likely to remain faithful to their partners. New research on infidelity and sexual narcissism shows that when it comes to infidelity, it’s the sexual narcissists in particular who tend to stray.

The Best Way to Deal With Embarrassment

Feeling embarrassed or awkward is certainly a common experience, but for some people it seems to occur more frequently than for others. Research on the experience of people who’ve committed socially awkward acts shows that there’s only one way to make you, and everyone else, feel better.

What's Really Behind Rebound Sex

Following the breakup of a close romantic relationship, both partners are likely to experience distress. However, when the breakup is one brought about by the partner, this distress often translates into rebound sex. Who's at risk and who isn't depends on a complex set of 4 relationship factors.

What One Thing Do You Want to Change about Your Life?

Change is, as they say, an inevitable fact of life. However, it’s not always so easy to make those changes that you most desire. By adopting the mindset of the "agile innovator,” however, those changes might be easier to tackle than you think.

9 Tips to Help You Say No and Stick to It

For many people, having to deny someone else’s request becomes a difficult interpersonal problem. Being the naysayer in a group can also be harmful to your health, according to new research on conflict. These 9 tips will help you overcome these challenges.

What Are the Best and Worst Times to Break Up?

The decision to end a relationship is never an easy one, and complicating the process is the question of when to make the break. Research on couples suggests that even those who break up at the “wrong” time may benefit from the support of family and friends.

5 Ways to Handle Excuses from Those You Care About

People make excuses for all sorts of reasons, and although we’ve come to accept this as an ordinary fact of life, it doesn’t make it any easier to put up with ones from the people we love. These 5 tips will help reduce the likelihood that the person you love will use on one you.

4 Ways to Improve Your Emotional Communication

The way we feel is, for better or worse, reflected by our nonverbal communication. The way you reveal, understand, and manage your emotions can mean the difference between successful and unsuccessful interactions from casual to intimate long-term relationships.

Why Do Women Want Fairy Tale Weddings?

In women’s fantasies about the perfect wedding, it’s the dress as much as the person they’re marrying that takes center stage. At the heart of the wedding dress fantasy lies images we’ve all come to accept from Disney princesses. Not only what they wear, but how they act, also influence us more than we realize, though the movie Frozen might be changing it all.

5 Questions to Test Your Sense of Meaning in Life

The need to find meaning in your life might not be something you ponder on a daily basis but it lies at the root of your sense of worth. By answering these 5 questions, you can measure your progress toward that ultimate source of happiness.

What Lonely People Seek from Facebook

Critics of social media argue that people who spend time on Facebook become social introverts due to their reliance on virtual rather than face-to-face interactions. However, a closer look at the research reveals that loneliness is the cause, not the result, of heavy Facebook use.

The Case Against Family Secrets

Every family has at least one secret, and some have many more than that. As difficult as it may be to do so, reaching out for help when your family’s secret involves mental illness may be the one best way to cope.

Are Your Workouts Really Working for You?

Although working out to improve your health is certainly a laudable goal, many people exercise to lose weight and body fat. The results of new research on exercise in women shows the surprising ways in which your workout patterns may be working against you. These 4 tips will help you beat your body at its own game.

19 Ways to Tell If You Expect Too Much From Your Partner

In a close relationship, it’s natural for partners to expect to receive both emotional and practical care and support. People also judge whether their partners are “good enough” for them. These 19 items will tell whether a sense of emotional entitlement will spell doom or boom for your relationship’s future.

Are All Parents Narcissistic?

With the focus on producing narcissistic children in today’s media, it may seem less obvious to consider the possibility that narcissism works both ways. Being slightly narcissistic may, by definition, be a job hazard of parenthood.

10 Ways to Avoid Rejection

When someone turns you down, whether for a small favor or a dinner date, it’s likely you’ll question or wonder whether there’s something wrong with you. Using these 10 tips, you’ll be more likely to get your original request to provide the response you desire in the first place.

Why We Fantasize About Other Partners

When partners in a long-term relationship have fantasies of infidelity, is this the same as actual cheating? It’s possible to be unfaithful in fantasy and still have a rewarding and fulfilling relationship, as long as you understand the origins of your fantasies. They may even benefit your relationship.

What's the Best Way for You to End a Relationship?

Everyone can relate to relationship break-up strategies that failed miserably. The key to minimizing the pain is to adjust the strategy to your personality and that of your partner. It may even be possible for you to improve your relationship breakup strategy with a simple mental adjustment.

Do You Know Your Fitness Age?

As much as many people would like to turn back the clock on their age, up until now it hasn’t been a very feasible goal. However, new research on the concept of fitness age shows that you’re more in control than you think of the way your body keeps track of time.

5 Ways to Handle a Snob

It’s no fun being the target of someone’s snobbery. These five tools are all you need to manage the unhappiness a snob can cause. You don’t have to out-snob the snob, but you can overcome the feelings of shame, envy, and inferiority that snobbery can trigger.