Breaking Up Doesn't Have to Break You

It's a myth that you have to “get over” the ending of a close relationship and eliminate all reminders of your ex. According to one theory,remnants of your former relationships remain with you, becoming part of your identity for life.

Quiz: What Do Your Facebook Habits Reveal About You?

The widespread adoption of Facebook among people of all ages and nationalities suggests that it taps into some deep human need. However, everyone’s Facebook use differs. This 20 question quiz will reveal what your Facebook habits say about your own needs for connection and where some of the danger signs may lurk.

5 Steps to Beat Boredom in Your Relationship

It’s perhaps inevitable that, over time, a relationship loses some of its zest. There are many benefits to feeling comfortable with your long-term partner, but if you're not careful, this may become a slippery slope into outright boredom. These 6 steps will help you restore that perfect balance by helping you define and overcome the problems causing your own boredom.

Build Your Self-Esteem with These 3 Simple Exercises

Feelings of self-worth are central to your mental health. However, maintaining your self-esteem can be a challenge when other people are rude, insulting, or critical of you. Practicing these 3 simple exercises will help inoculate against those threats to your sense of worth and help you gain self-understanding in the process.

20 Questions That Will Tell You If It's Love

Quantifying the elusive quality of love is no easy task, but a group of psychologists think they have a way to detect people’s true romantic feelings. Breaking romantic love into its component parts, this new test allows you to gauge the strength of your closest relationship.

The Psych Advice You're Looking for in Psychology Today

What are you looking for in when you check out your popular psychology sources? Is it mental health information and resources or relationship advice? Depending on how you view the data from a recent study, pop psych may be serving an important role in helping you get help.

4 Key Factors That Can Predict Your Relationship's Future

Wouldn't you like to find out if your closest intimate relationship will beat the odds and last over the long haul? Now, one of the largest studies ever conducted on the science of relationship satisfaction shows that it may take only 4 pieces of information to know whether you’re headed for long-term bliss or instead to short-term breakup.

Psychology’s Common Sense Guide to Exercise

We’re constantly exposed to new and “improved” guidelines to exercise from sources ranging from our friends and neighbors to international health organizations. To make sense of these guidelines, this psychology-based set of six common sense tips will help get you the workout to keep your body, and mind, in great shape.

The Secret to Revealing Your Secrets

It can be tricky negotiating the right amount to disclose about yourself with your relationship partners. If you reveal too much too early, you’ll seem a bit too eager, and if you always hold back, people will wonder what you’re hiding. Research on self-disclosure suggests some ways to find that happy balance.

The 8 Unhealthy Habits of Interpersonally Sensitive People

It’s not easy for anyone to experience rejection, but for some, fear of being abandoned takes on unhealthy proportions. When this fear becomes pronounced, it can put you at risk not only for emotional, but for physical health risks as well. Fortunately, having these eight qualities doesn't have to condemn you to a life of poor health as long as you know how to change them.

Nine Signs You’re Really an Introvert

Introversion-extraversion is a personality dimension along which we all differ. Even though you may not identify as an introvert, these nine behavioral cues will give you insight into your own inner orientations no matter how extraverted you may seem on the outside.

The Best Psychology Websites You Probably Never Heard About

There are literally thousands of websites devoted to psychology, but even if you think you’ve explored most of them, chances are you’ve missed some of the best. This collection will not only educate you, but also allow you to have some unexpected psychology fun.

How Your Dreams Can Affect Your Love Life

It’s beginning to be widely understood that what we dream about may reflect our everyday preoccupations. What’s less well-known is that dreams can also influence your behavior in the light of day. New research shows just how much your love life may reflect your dream life.

11 Ways to Tell if Your Lover Loves You

Your lover may talk the talk, but does he or she walk the walk? These 11 behavioral signs of a healthy relationship will help you test your partner’s true feelings.

Is It Time to Ban the “B” Word?

Heading up a team of female celebrities, Sheryl Sandberg launched the “Ban Bossy” campaign to help girls and women feel more comfortable about being leaders. Research on teen girls provides support for this campaign’s potential to remove the stigma from this unfortunate term and help girls feel better about leadership, and themselves.

Eight Ways to Make a Grand Entrance

First impressions count—almost more than any other aspect of our nonverbal behavior. Managing your own can prove vital in every aspect of your daily life, from your business encounters to your romantic relationships. These 8 tips will ensure that your entrances will be both grand and appropriate.

Could New Thinking About Relationships Help Yours?

A new theory of long-term committed relationships proposes that the ability to seek self-expression predicts the greatest chances of its success. The process of achieving self-expression may make the stakes higher, but the potential rewards much more satisfying in the long term.

The High Cost of Vanity

The clothes we wear reflect our personalities. If you’re drawn to clothes that carry with them recognizable and often pricey logos, it may be time to examine why. The combination of vanity and narcissism can prove costly to your wallet. By understanding the forces that drive you to overspend, you can gain better control of your wallet, if not your self-esteem.

Put Your Emotional Intelligence to Use

Every day you’re faced with awkward interpersonal situations that you somehow need to negotiate to keep the social wheels of life running smoothly. By tapping into your emotional intelligence, you can handle these situations with both ease and success.

Finding Joy in the Sexless Marriage

Many factors contribute to a couple’s decision to refrain from having sexual relations. Using the social exchange theory of relationships provides a way to understand why people remain together. The sexless marriage may not be for everyone but for those who choose this path, there are several paths to successful coping.

Your Mind’s Not Getting Older; It’s Truly Getting Better

Most people are convinced that getting older means getting mentally weaker. However, according to an important new study, your brain may be getting older, but your mind is not. Even if you have those annoying occasional memory failures, you may actually be more mentally agile than ever, and definitely more knowledgeable.

Four Ways to Ask for, and Get, Your Favors Granted

There are times in life when you need someone to do something for you. The question is how to ask for a favor in way that ensures you’ll get that help. The 4 basic ingredients to having a favor granted are yours for the taking.

In Close Relationships, Opposites Might Attract After All

The adage “opposites attract” is generally regarded in relationship research to be untrue. Similarity seems to breed stronger attraction at least in a relationship’s early phases. Research on joint goal pursuits by romantic couples shows that if you want something done, however, your best bet for a partner is your psychological opposite.

Get in Touch with Your Relationship Myths

We all hold the idea of the “perfect” relationship, an idea that may lead some people to spend their lives turning down otherwise great, if not perfect, partners. By identifying your own relationship myths, you can better enjoy your current, if not future, opportunities for true intimacy.

Revisiting the Psychology of Narcissistic Entitlement

Entitlement, or the tendency to believe you deserve special treatment, is seen by psychology as part and parcel of narcissism. However, new research suggests that not all entitled people are created equal. Some people believe they're great and are, but many others use their entitlement to hide feelings of inferiority, causing problems in their relationships and well-being.

Calculate Your Life's Psychological Footprint

Your life footprint is the effect you have on other people, both those who are close to you and those who you’ll never meet. Calculate your own lasting impressions with this 10-item quiz. Even if your life footprint is light at the moment, there are ways to improve the positive impact you have on others, from your closest partners to people you may not even know.

Seven Types of Physical Affection in Relationships

Each couple has a unique way of relating physically to each other, whether it’s through giving backrubs, kissing, cuddling, or holding. Surprisingly, there’s little research on this topic in close, intimate long-term relationships. These 7 types are a start in understanding how and why we show affection to those we love.

Our Irrational Emotional Life

Emotions are a key part of our everyday happiness and well-being. When they get out of control, they can get us in real trouble. However, such negative emotions as worry, anger, and jealousy don’t have to cause meltdowns as long as you can understand where these feelings come from.

Psychology’s Greatest Advice

By its very nature, psychology is a field that can benefit all of our lives. With its focus on such topics as mental health, intelligence, and relationships, the work of psychological researchers offers plenty of applications to everyday life. Here are 7 of its finest lessons.

Remembering the Good Old Days Can Revive Your Relationship

Reliving happy memories of good times you’ve shared with your partner may be just the kind of revival your relationship needs. New research shows that the happiest couples make the most out of reminiscing about the “way we were." Four tips, based on this research, can help you make the most out of your shared past with your intimate partner.