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'Needing Your Space' Spells Doom for a Couple. Or Does It?

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Why You Have Mixed Emotions, Even at Happy Times

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8 Tips to Make You a Great Story Teller

Telling a good tale may seem like an art that some people are born with. Even if you’re not known for your story-telling skills, these 8 simple tips can help you become the spell-binding spinner you always hoped you could be.

The Best Way to React to an Insult

Because our first tendency is to be polite, especially with people we don’t know very well, it’s not always clear whether to respond in kind or turn the other cheek.

What to Do When Social Media Make You Miserable

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4 Signs That Someone Is Probably Insecure

Some people seem possessed by their desire to look better than everyone else. Being in their presence doesn’t have to demoralize you, once you learn the 4 tell-tale clues.

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Studies on relationships don’t always capture qualities that promote intimacy and sexuality. This 11-item scale will put your fascination with your partner to the test.

This Is the Key to Getting Over Worries

For most of us, there’s plenty to worry about in our lives. However, some people seem to figure out how to keep their worries down to a minimum.

This Could Be the Way to Get People to Appreciate You

Do you ever feel that people don’t appreciate what you do? Whether at work or in your personal life, you may feel that your efforts justify more recognition than you’re getting. Turn your resentment into positive results with this simple tip.

Why Don't We Trust Angry Women?

In the heat of an argument, it’s natural to lose your temper once in a while. Whether that meltdown will help you or hurt you in winning that argument depends on your gender.

Why Do We Think it's Okay to Make Fun of Overweight People?

Despite the greater sensitivity in today’s society to humor that disparages someone on the basis of physical characteristics, so-called “fat people” are still fair game when it comes to jokes. Whatever your body size, and whether or not you’ve been a target, the plight of the overweight should be a problem that concerns us all.

Should You Follow Your Heart or Your Head?

We often hear it said that it’s better to listen to your heart rather than your head. However, when and to what extent is this good advice?

Maximize Your Happiness by Turning on Your Microflow

With all the criticism we hear about multitasking, no one ever talks about the upside of engaging your brain in more than one activity at a time. Yet, multitasking might just be the best way to avoid being bored while you’re kept waiting or just stuck in a meeting. Turn your downtime into uptime by seeking the microflow experience.

How Narcissists Really React When Things Don’t Go Their Way

Finding the smart way through to a solution can get you through many predicaments in life. Dealing flexibility is generally the best strategy, one that narcissists surprisingly can use.

5 Relationship Red Flags You Need to Watch Out For

Everyone’s been in a relationship where something didn’t feel right, but you stuck it out anyway. Even if you don't like admitting red flags exist, you’ll be better off if you do.

How Secrets Can Strengthen or Destroy Your Relationship

Secrets that people keep from their partners are generally detrimental to their intimacy. However, when partners share secrets and keep them from the outside world, the effect can be to increase your bonding.