The stay-cation: Having fun while staying put

When bad weather strikes, and your vacation plans are ruined, you can still have a good time with friends and family. Make the most out of your stay-at-home vacations with a few simple tips. You might even find yourself making lifestyle changes that will benefit you when you "return."
The importance of vacations to our physical and mental health

The importance of vacations to our physical and mental health

When Presidents take vacations, they run the risk of being criticized for shirking their duties. But there are real benefits to taking a break from your everyday routine.  Learn how to take a vacation that reduces your stress, builds your connections with family and friends, and allows you to feel more fulfilled than ever.

It's life illusions we like to recall

How can we maximize our fulfillment by engaging in a little bit of visual play? Enhancing your everyday life by opening your mind to the many illusions around us is a great way to keep your mental and visual acuity sharp.

What you say is not always what you mean

Unconscious attitudes may hold us back from reaching our desired goals in life. Learn how to assess the hidden biases that are preventing you from achieving your maximum potential.
What Stuff Dreams are Made Of

What Stuff Dreams are Made Of

Our dreams may provide us with signs that something's wrong our missing in our lives. As scientists look at the neuroscience of dreaming, cognitive psychologists show us that there are many cues we ignore in our everyday experiences.

Giving Thanks: The Benefits of Gratitude

Our feelings of fulfillment and emotional well-being are boosted by both giving and receiving thanks. Find out how to boost your Gratitude Quotient to become more fulfilled.

Excuses, excuses, excuses: Why people lie, cheat, and procrastinate

We all like to think of ourselves as honest, ethical, hard-working, and conscientious (or at least most of us do). Why, then, do people lie so readily about their reasons for being late or missing important deadlines? 

Your vocational type: The key to job fulfillment

In these touch economic times people are understandably reluctant to make significant job changes. But does unhappy now mean unhappy forever? Assess the fit between you and your job and find out about ways to strike a better balance between your personality and the demands of your job. 

Keeping those romantic bonds alive

You can learn how to keep your lovelife fulfilling by following the advice from psychologists who study intimacy in later life. But you don't have to wait to get old to benefit from a few tips to healthy relationships.

Ten ways to beat the blues at any age

Recent research suggests that depressed people eat more chocolate, perhaps as a way to feel happier. Far more mundane and definitely less sexy than eating chocolate, flossing is one of 10 highly effective ways to lift your emotions. You can maximize your positive mood no matter what your age by following these simple pointers.

I drink therefore I work out: Unraveling the alcohol-exercise connection

Researchers have long puzzled over the relationship between higher alcohol use and higher exercise frequency. According to the depletion model, people who exercise may use up all their self-control in this one healthy behavior leaving them with no self-control to regulate their drinking.

Mind games: Keeping your brain sharp through play

Keeping your brain sharp as you get older is one of the best ways to guarantee fulfillment. Learn how hobbies such as gardening, reading, and socializing can keep your brain functioning at its peak throughout your life.

Building a better brain: Strengthening your mental muscle

The scaffolding theory of memory and aging proposes that we can keep our minds alert and agile throughout life. Successful brain agers build their mental muscles through mental and physical activity, eating the right foods, and taking a "refuse to lose" attitude toward aging. Learn to maximize your fulfillment by taking advantage of these successful strategies.

Long-term happiness and longevity: Is it all in the telomeres?

Changing your frown to a smile may help you live longer. Learn about how optimism protects your telomeres, tiny tips on the ends of chromosomes that we need to preserve healthy bodily functioning. Even if you weren't born an optimist, you can control the length of your telomeres and your life.

Creativity and successful brain aging: Going with the flow

Keeping an open and flexible approach to life can make you more creative and, as researchers are finding out, can enhance your brain's healthy functioning well into your later years.
Resilience, coping, and faith: How our beliefs help us during hard times

Resilience, coping, and faith: How our beliefs help us during hard times

Optimism, flexibility, and developing your inner beliefs form part of the equation to handling even the most challenging life experiences.
Are you a shoe fashion victim?

Are you a shoe fashion victim?

With summer comes the temptation to show off your toes in high, strappy sandals or platform wedges. However, these shoes can cause not only embarrassing falls, but potentially dangerous lifelong chronic illness, including arthritis.

Mentoring and being mentored: A win-win situation

Guiding the young is one way for those in the middle and later years to ensure their own pathway to fulfillment.

Famous people, bad decisions: When celebrities falter

When celebrities lose or ruin their lives, we can only wonder how their downward spirals could be prevented. Why do people who have everything going for them make such poor decisions when it comes to their personal lives?
Five types of grandparents and how they shape our lives

Five types of grandparents and how they shape our lives

There are many ways that grandparents shape our lives. Understanding the five types of grandparents can help you understand the role of your grandparenting in your life.

Why we love Betty White

Betty White's most recent rise in the celebrity world shows us that no matter what your age, you can acheive your goals. Her story of a life well lived with grace and good humor has inspired young and old alike. Betty's image as a feisty, fresh, and possibly sexy older lady shows us that it's never too late to enjoy life's sensual pleasures.

Ageless Beauty: The Ms. Senior America Pageant

Miss America isn't the only number one beauty queen in the U.S. Ms. Senior America shows us that beauty is more than skin deep, even when that skin gets a few wrinkles.

Old Dogs (and People and Monkeys) Can Learn New Tricks

Keeping your mind sharp may be as simple as spending a minute here or there on a fast-paced video game. Read about how you can maximize your fulfillment by maximizing your speed and mental agility. It's never too late for you to learn some new tricks, no matter what your age.

Five keys to a long and fulfilling life

Follow these five simple tips to maximize your physical and mental health. No matter what your age, whether 18 or 88, it's never too late to start to make these basic lifestyle changes.

Finding your pathway to fulfillment

Read about this revolutionary research based on empirical data that shows how to find out what pathway you're on in your life. More importantly, you can learn how to change and get onto a more fulfilling pathway. My study of over 180 midlife adults shows that no matter what your age, it's never too late to change.
New Year Same You: Saying No to Resolutions

New Year Same You: Saying No to Resolutions

On New Year's Day, we feel compelled to make radical resolutions to change. But there’s no reason to do a 180 degree turn on your life just because the calendar has changed. There are other, more effective ways, to achieve fulfillment.
Does life happiness follow a U-shaped curve?

Does life happiness follow a U-shaped curve?

Is the "Happiness Index" a valid way to understand the complexities of change in midlife? Claims that happiness shows a U-shaped curve with age mistakenly assume that everyone changes the same way throughout life.
When the empty nest isn't empty anymore

When the empty nest isn't empty anymore

When the kids are away, the parents play- at least till the kids move back home. Find out what empty-nesters really get up to and how they're affected by their boomerang children.
Tracking your travels through time: The benefits of writing in diaries

Tracking your travels through time: The benefits of writing in diaries

Diary writing is an old-fashioned art form that might be losing its appeal in our socially connected age. However, tracking time through this tried and true method can have more psychological benefits than you might realize
That certain age: Does it have to mean crisis?

That certain age: Does it have to mean crisis?

What is it about the midlife crisis that attracts Hollywood attention? It certainly makes a good story, but it's definitely more fiction than fact. There is virtually no data to support this popular notion. Most people navigate midlife without crisis.