Promises promises: When politicians don’t deliver

Promises promises: When politicians don’t deliver

Politicians make vastly unrealistic promises that they inevitably cannot keep. Like jilted lovers, voters turn against their elected officials when the visions of greatness they were promised fail to materialize. The "negative expectancy disconfirmation," a concept from marketing research, provides important insights into the psychology of broken campaign promises.
Time to Play Dress-Up in the Perfect Costume

Time to Play Dress-Up in the Perfect Costume

From costume parties to come-as-you-are, take advantage of opportunities to express your alter ego. Expressing yourself through a costume, or even something different from your everyday look, can provide a welcome boost.
The Neuroticism Paradox

The Neuroticism Paradox

Neuroticism is associated with a range of negative behavioral consequences. But are there ways that people high in neuroticism, and their spouses, might benefit? 
Is Our Society Getting Increasingly Angry?

Is Our Society Getting Increasingly Angry?

Open expressions of anger, rage, violence and aggression are reaching new levels in the media and indeed society at large.  Evidence from studies of rats exposed to aggressive behavior suggests that changes in our brains may be involved.
The Sweet Smell of Failure

The Sweet Smell of Failure

Failure can be a growth-stimulating experience. Boost your fulfillment by using failure to open yourself up to change.
Why and How Do We Help?

Why and How Do We Help?

When someone needs help, we all can draw on our inner courage to be heroes. The “bystander effect” refers to the principle that bystanders are less likely to help someone in need when there are others around than when they are the only witness.  

Seeking long-term fulfillment, not happiness, will get you through these economic hard times.

With the plunging of the world's economy into debt, how can you avoid despair? Maintaining your equanimity by focusing on what's important in life can help you even in these very tough times.

Making your internet skills work for you

Boosting your Internet self-efficacy can help you gain confidence in your ability to learn from the Internet and communicate online more effectively.

Can you survive your personality?

You might know about the "Type A" personality's hard-driving, competitive, and impatient tendencies, but do you know why Type A's are more likely to suffer from heart disease? Learn why, and learn about the benefits of getting a "C" in personality. No matter what your personality type, you can change and develop a healthier outlook and lifestyle.
Cutting back on compulsive online shopping

Cutting back on compulsive online shopping

Everyone loves a bargain and online auction sites offer many great deals. But beware the drawbacks of becoming hooked on the thrill of the chase. Why do people spend more on eBay items than the items are worth?

Medicalization of the mind: The changing Alzheimer's guidelines

Respected organizations such as the Alzheimer's Association and the National Institute of Aging are backing diagnoses and treatments for dementia that may be both inaccurate and harmful. Learn what you can do to make sure you and your loved ones get proper diagnosis and treatment.

Why It's Worth Taking Intro Psych

Learn how knowledge of psychology can benefit you in areas such as health, self-improvement, relationships and work satisfaction. Learning about psychology can be a lifelong enterprise that can help make your life more fulfilling, beginning in your college years.

When it comes to personality tests, a dose of skepticism is a good thing

Daily horoscopes, psychic readings, and fortune cookies illustrate what psychologists call the "Barnum Effect." We're all likely to be suckers at some point in life to the lure of the prediction. Why are we willing to believe, even when we know that they lack scientific validity? Learn how to avoid falling into the Barnum effect's seductive trap.

It's time for a new look at nature and nurture

It's time to challenge the nature part of the nature vs. nurture debate. Research on genetic contributions toward longevity may be slanted toward supporting heredity's influence on lifespan, suggesting that lifestyle and other factors remain important to our health no matter what our age. 

Laughter—Certain Types—Can Be the Best Medicine

It's often said that laughter is the best medicine but new research on coping with stress shows that certain types of humor are better for certain situations. Humor's role in coping also varies by sex. Men and women show different patterns of successfully using humor to reduce stress. Find out what type of humor will work best for you.

Using Your Mind (and Brain) to Make Healthier Choices

Research in behavioral economics shows that our bad dietary habits aren't easy to break. Learn how to train your brain to avoid decisional traps so you can make healthy choices.

What can and does Facebook do for you?

Virtual relationships such as those people make and keep on Facebook can have surprising hidden benefits. Learn about how to take advantage of the benefits and avoid the traps of social networking.
Ten tips for effective communication: From Freudian slips to body language

Ten tips for effective communication: From Freudian slips to body language

The Freudian slip is one common error people make in everyday speech. Does it reflect your hidden desires, as Freud believed, or sloppy speaking? Learn how to use communication to your best advantage, from getting along with your friends and lovers to aceing an all-important interview.

The stay-cation: Having fun while staying put

When bad weather strikes, and your vacation plans are ruined, you can still have a good time with friends and family. Make the most out of your stay-at-home vacations with a few simple tips. You might even find yourself making lifestyle changes that will benefit you when you "return."
The importance of vacations to our physical and mental health

The importance of vacations to our physical and mental health

When Presidents take vacations, they run the risk of being criticized for shirking their duties. But there are real benefits to taking a break from your everyday routine.  Learn how to take a vacation that reduces your stress, builds your connections with family and friends, and allows you to feel more fulfilled than ever.

It's life illusions we like to recall

How can we maximize our fulfillment by engaging in a little bit of visual play? Enhancing your everyday life by opening your mind to the many illusions around us is a great way to keep your mental and visual acuity sharp.

What you say is not always what you mean

Unconscious attitudes may hold us back from reaching our desired goals in life. Learn how to assess the hidden biases that are preventing you from achieving your maximum potential.
What Stuff Dreams are Made Of

What Stuff Dreams are Made Of

Our dreams may provide us with signs that something's wrong our missing in our lives. As scientists look at the neuroscience of dreaming, cognitive psychologists show us that there are many cues we ignore in our everyday experiences.

Giving Thanks: The Benefits of Gratitude

Our feelings of fulfillment and emotional well-being are boosted by both giving and receiving thanks. Find out how to boost your Gratitude Quotient to become more fulfilled.

Excuses, excuses, excuses: Why people lie, cheat, and procrastinate

We all like to think of ourselves as honest, ethical, hard-working, and conscientious (or at least most of us do). Why, then, do people lie so readily about their reasons for being late or missing important deadlines? 

Your vocational type: The key to job fulfillment

In these touch economic times people are understandably reluctant to make significant job changes. But does unhappy now mean unhappy forever? Assess the fit between you and your job and find out about ways to strike a better balance between your personality and the demands of your job. 

Keeping those romantic bonds alive

You can learn how to keep your lovelife fulfilling by following the advice from psychologists who study intimacy in later life. But you don't have to wait to get old to benefit from a few tips to healthy relationships.

Ten ways to beat the blues at any age

Recent research suggests that depressed people eat more chocolate, perhaps as a way to feel happier. Far more mundane and definitely less sexy than eating chocolate, flossing is one of 10 highly effective ways to lift your emotions. You can maximize your positive mood no matter what your age by following these simple pointers.

I drink therefore I work out: Unraveling the alcohol-exercise connection

Researchers have long puzzled over the relationship between higher alcohol use and higher exercise frequency. According to the depletion model, people who exercise may use up all their self-control in this one healthy behavior leaving them with no self-control to regulate their drinking.

Mind games: Keeping your brain sharp through play

Keeping your brain sharp as you get older is one of the best ways to guarantee fulfillment. Learn how hobbies such as gardening, reading, and socializing can keep your brain functioning at its peak throughout your life.