Baby Names, and What's Really Behind a Parent's Choice

Your name was, in all likelihood, selected by your parents and you, in turn, will select names for the kids you decide to have. Here's what might influence that decision

Can an Introvert Ever Change?

If you’re an introvert and wish you weren’t, this new research will show you how to change. All it takes is determination and a specific plan of action.

Three Ways to Find (and be) a Faithful Partner

A partner who is faithful, all other things being equal, is one who will make you happier. This 3-part checklist will help you spot the danger signs.

10 Ways to Learn to Like Yourself Better

Do you constantly think about how you could be nicer, more attractive, or just better in general? Learning to accept yourself as you are is just 10 simple steps away.

Are Cat People Really that Different from Dog People?

The commonly held belief that cat people and dog people differ in fundamental ways, put to the test in earlier research, may need to be revisited.

3 Steps to Take Stock of Your Relationship

Whether your relationship is in its early, middle, or late stages, you can benefit from taking stock of how it's going. These 3 steps will help you fix what's fixable.

What Actually Happens When a Narcissist Looks in the Mirror?

Viewing themselves as favorably as possible seems to be a central quality of narcissism. If only everyone else saw them as positively as they do themselves.

Seven Ways to Create Your Own Successful Aging Pathway

It’s all too easy to accept a defeatist attitude about getting older, especially in a society that equates youth with beauty and intellectual prowess. These 7 strategies can help.

Why the Person Closest to You Needs to Have Your Back

We all need others to help us through life’s tough times. For men and women, the scripts of who helps who and when may prove to be very different.

The One Key Way to Finding Joy in Your Job

Work occupies a large percentage of everyone’s day, whether your workplace is an office, factory, hospital, or home. This one key element will help you get the most out of yours.

The Amazing Facts Behind the Type A Personality

It’s the personality type we love to hate. However, the Type A personality may not be as lethal as you’ve been led to believe.

7 Basic Rules for Hugging

We hug people we love, but to what extent is it ok to hug someone you barely know? These 7 rules will help you decide when and who to hug.

Do You Keep Score in Your Relationships?

Conflicts in close relationships are perhaps unavoidable. However, are you making things worse by constantly keeping a tally of who’s supposed to do what and when?

How Healthy are Your Defense Mechanisms?

Everyone uses defense mechanisms but not everyone uses the same ones. Your ability to use the more mature ones may turn out to protect your health.

When Only One Partner Thinks a Couple's in Trouble

Believing that your relationship is going well, and then having your relationship go well, may be two different things. It may benefit you to pay heed to these warning signs.

3 Steps to Giving Difficult (and Unwanted) Advice

You want to correct someone else’s behavior with the intention of helping them become “better,” but to do so may threaten their self-esteem. Here’s how to help and not hurt.

How Naked Would You Get to Get Attention?

How far people will go when they get naked may seem to reflect simple exhibitionism. The reality is that exhibitionism reflects far more complex ways to seek social recognition.

5 Ways to Spot the Hypocrites in Your Life

If you’re very lucky, everyone you know or care about tells it like it is. Unfortunately, hypocrites are out there, you just have to know how to find them. These 5 tips will help.

4 Ways to Deal with Insecure People

When those you care about are riddled with insecurity, it can make your life, as well as theirs painful and difficult. These 4 emotional tools provide practical help.

What Disagreements Would Lead you to Unfriend or Break Up?

If a Facebook, close friend, or romantic partner disagreed with you, how likely would you be to break up? Find out just how common it is to end it when politics gets in the way.

4 Ways to Deal With Boring People

If you’ve ever been stuck with a boring companion, you know that all you want to do is get away. These 4 tips will at least help you find a mental escape hatch.

How Being Depressed Can Affect Your Relationships

Your relationships can affect your mood, but did you also realize that your mood can affect your relationships?

6 Messages Your Glasses May Be Sending

Your eyeglasses are there to help you see (perhaps) but they also send these 6 cues to those who see you.

Narcissism and the Myth of Invincibility

People whose narcissism leads them to believe in the myth of their own invincibility may be setting themselves up for a pretty hard fall.

Is It Ever Too Late to Exercise?

The more out of shape you are, the more pointless you may think it is to exercise. Research shows that anyone can exercise, and reap the benefits, regardless of age or fitness.

Is It Time to Mix Things Up?

Routines make daily life more manageable, but if you’re not careful a routine can get you in trouble. Try some variety and it might even help boost your brain's creativity.

Six Reasons to Give Someone a Second Chance

When people bother you to the point where you’re done and ready to excise them from your life, before you do, consider these 6 reasons to give them a second chance.

Can You Ever Be Too Nice? You Sure Can.

We’re prepared to handle people who just aren’t all that nice, but what about someone who’s the opposite? Here’s what to do about the unexpected problems of being too compliant.

The Great Brain Training Debate: Who Should You Believe?

The debate over whether videogames can help improve our cognition heated up when Lumosity was slapped with a huge fine for its misleading ads. Where does the truth lie?

What to Do When Someone Flirts With Your Partner

Your partner may have every intention of being faithful but, without any warning, someone else comes along and turns it all upside down. What will you do?