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Identity in Borderline Personality Disorder: A New Approach

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Four Ways to Feel Happier and Enjoy Your Happiness

We think of happiness as a desirable state — unless you fear that your happiness will be fleeting. The latest research shows 4 ways to become, and stay, happy and enjoy the moment.

Why a Smart Man Makes Such a Good Partner

In long-term relationships, the better partner is the one less likely to end things. New research shows the advantages to women of having a smart man for a partner.

Which Personality Disorders Do Your Favorite Actors Have?

You may believe that all actors have narcissistic traits in a professional that rewards egotism. New research on the personalities of real actors shows you're only partly right.

Why the Narcissistically Entitled Are So Difficult to Please

The entitled's narcissism can make dealing with them difficult indeed. Knowing what’s behind their fussiness can make your life, and possibly theirs, much easier.

The 2 Ways to Become the Cool Person You Always Wanted to Be

The two factors that control your being seen as truly cool come under scrutiny in a new study of the personality traits of those we want to emulate.

A New Way to Understand Procrastination

You may think you’ll never get over your tendency to put off the tasks you’d rather not complete, or even the ones you’d like to start, but new research suggests how to try.

Fact Check: Are Your People Skills As Good As You Think?

People skills are essential to all of your relationships, from casual to romantic. Find out whether you’re as highly regarded as you’d like to be with these seven questions.

Why the Hard-to-Get Are So Very Hard to Get

The winners at the mating game may seem to be the hard-to-get, but new research shows why you should stay away. Hint: narcissism has something to do with it.

The Top 5 Ways the Psychopathic Will Try to Manipulate You

It’s all too easy to be taken in by a person high in psychopathy. New research from an impression management perspective shows the 5 ways they’ll do this.

How to Handle People Who Make You Feel Inferior

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An Ingenious Way to Predict If Your Partner Will Cheat

Predicting who will cheat and who will be faithful in a romantic relationship can be tricky, but new research on parental infidelity suggests a surprisingly useful strategy.

Easy Ways to Tell Whether You’re an Inadvertent Narcissist

There are several basic keys to understanding who’s a narcissist but what about if the narcissist is you? New research shows how to tell if without realizing you’re one yourself.

The Many Mini Ways to Show You Care

It doesn't take a grand gesture to show someone that you care. With a "micro" act of kindness, according to new research, the payoff can be surprisingly high for both of you.

Psychopathy and the Dark Side of Facebook Comments

It’s painful to be the target of a Facebook troll. New research shows that it’s the psychopathic who are more likely to engage in this dark side of social media.

4 Little Words That Can Forever Change Your Relationship

New research on an age-old phenomenon suggests that it only takes 4 words to revitalize your relationship, as you remember how it all started.

8 Ways Your Inner Narcissist Leads You to Poor Decisions

Use these 8 research-based tips to guide you through making better decisions this holiday season when retailers are aiming for your weaknesses and your wallets.

10 Signs of Insecurity Online

Feel you're on the outside looking in? It’s a miserable state of mind that social media can only worsen. Measure your own fear of missing out (FOMO) with this quick 10-item scale.

The Best Way to Counteract Rude Behavior

Whether they intend to or not, people may at times behave rudely. A new study on incivility’s effects shows why rudeness hurts so much, and how you can negate its effects on you.

7 Ways Insecure People Try to Make Themselves Seem Important

Some people will go through extreme and perhaps ridiculous efforts to seem important. These seven behaviors may be covering up their feelings of loneliness and inferiority.

Borderline Personality Disorder and Ability to Read Emotions

Being unable to decode emotions seems to be an inherent feature of borderline personality disorder but new research shows it’s not as inevitable as you might think.

Train Your Brain's Flexibility with These Seven Tips

Get your memory in shape by improving your brain's flexibility. Never again forget what you're doing with these 7 research-based tips.