Oscar Surprises

The 2015 Oscars was filled with poignant messages of hope.

Insanity Defense

Criminal insanity requires that a defendant did not know right from wrong.

New Year, Same You

Keeping up with New Year's resolutions require an active change in thinking and behavior. Apply these seven skills to get one step closer to your annual goals.

Bartender Accused of Threatening Speaker of the House

Fate uncertain for an Ohio man accused of threatening Boehner’s life. Reports suggest the accused might suffer from a serious mental illness.

Execution Stayed in Texas for Mentally Ill Man

A Federal Court of Appeals has stayed the execution of Panetti, a mentally ill man, whose competency to be executed remains a debate.

Shrinks Tell All

A new pilot project tests the benefits and risks of sharing psychiatric notes with patients during therapy sessions.

Pregnancy and Disability Laws

Breaking news story about a woman and her rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act

A Matter of Life and Death

Physician assisted suicide is not a protected constitutional right. Learn how advocates for "death with dignity" can use new momentum to effect positive changes in legislation.

Personality Problems

Harmful people are encountered in day-to-day life. A new book provides useful tools that could save your life!

Happiness and Tradition

Embracing tradition is one of the best ways to deal with change

The Upside of Mental Health Care

Mental health care, while flawed, is still something to celebrate. The future offers great hope to patients, their families, and practitioners.

Veterans Affairs: Solutions to Problems

Veterans Affairs Health Care: What to do when demand for care exceeds the supply

Asperger's and Violence: The Blame Game

Asperger's syndrome is not a risk factor for violence.

Red Flag for the NFL

Players might need a 'Hail Mary' to win suit against the NFL

Domestic Violence

What type of person becomes a violent perpetrator?

Mental Illness and Violence

Mental illness and violence are not synonymous despite public perception.

Suicidal Thoughts

Many people believe that suicidal thoughts are a normal occurrence - is this true?

Intimate Partner Violence

Doctors should screen men and women for domestic violence at every single appointment.

Is DSM-V Worth All the Hype?

Psychiatry's latest diagnostic classification system is a guide not a "bible"

Terrorism and Mental Health

During times of terrorism, it's natural to want answers to questions. Especially, "What makes somebody a terrorist?"

Time to Terminate Abortion Laws in Ireland

A young woman dies in Ireland after being refused an abortion due to steadfastly Catholic principles

Football Follies: N.F.L. Plays Defense in Court

Players seek retribution from the N.F.L. for head injuries sustained during play

The Psychopath and the Social Butterfly

Psychopathy has been widely argued to be an amalgam of personality types that many people possess. The label is often used in a pejorative sense but most psychopaths live amongst us and inflict damage in a non-criminal manner.

Woman Sues Over Botched Abortion

Medical malpractice lawsuits are tort cases that must meet four criteria to be successful in litigation

Amanda Knox: Psychological Impact of a Retrial

Developmental stages of adulthood are challenging enough to navigate for the most carefree of individuals. "Foxy Knoxy" is meeting her milestones despite a labyrinth of legal troubles.

Jodi Arias’ Defense: Likeability of Expert Witness Is Key

Studies show that when the jury perceives an expert witness as likeable, they are also considered to be credible

Punxsutawney Phil, Pleading Insanity

When prosecutors seek the death penalty for inaccurate forecasting by a groundhog - Insanity could be a viable defense!

The Doctor Will Skype You Now!

It’s not ideal but in some circumstances doctors can provide care via Skype

Green Beer or Guinness? Take this Alcoholic Screening Quiz

St. Patrick's Day is a good time of year to reflect on alcohol.

Got Guns?

Without gun control, we are a nation at risk for more bloody massacres