7 Tips for When Friendship Suddenly Becomes Something More

Some of the strongest romantic relationships can grow from long-time friendships that suddenly developed a spark. Other times, an ill-advised sexual hookup can all but ruin an otherwise brilliant friendship. If you're caught in the crosshairs the morning after, take a deep breath and follow these steps.

6 Awkward Things You Must Tell Your Therapist

Some topics can be especially difficult to discuss with your therapist, no matter how good your relationship. Here are six things to make the effort to bring up, to maximize the effectiveness of your treatment-- after all, you're in this to get better, aren't you?

7 New Year's Resolutions Bound to Fail

Many of us have the best of intentions with New Years' resolutions. But the exact way we word them and think about them makes all the difference. How can we stick to our resolutions? Here are some commonly failing resolutions, and how to slightly change them to up your chances of success.

How to Help a Friend Who's Been Sexually Assaulted

With high profile cases in the news lately, there is still a lot of miscommunication about just how to help someone who has been the victim of a sexual assault. Here is how to be the friend that does good rather than harm.

8 Awful Reasons to Get Engaged

Holiday season means that proposals are in the air. Engagements can have a domino effect through a group of friends, especially given our culture's obsession with weddings: but sometimes you should hold that thought. Here are eight reasons that shouldn't be why you get married, and are likely to lead to some warning signs within the wedding bells.

A Surprising Solution for the 'Mommy Wars'

The worst part of the so-called Mommy Wars is that they're bad for your health. Here's how to protect yourself within the fray.

22 Ways Having Three Kids Is Different Than Having Two

"Should we have a third child?" Many families are on the fence about enlarging their family from two children to three. Here are 22 things that will be different if you choose to take the plunge.

Do You Need to Break Up With a Friend?

Despite our society's focus on romantic and sexual relationships as the only ones that pack an emotional punch, friendships can make or break your daily life. And when they come to an end—no matter what the reason—the result can be devastating. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you navigate the transition.

Six Ways to Strengthen Your Best Friendships

Many of us have a decent-enough amount of decent-enough friendships. But how do you enhance a friendship, and take it from being just okay to being one of the best parts of your life? Here are six easy ways to make a friendship better, taking it from good to great, that you can start today.

12 Tips for Raising a Child Who Won't Sexually Assault

Wondering how to make a difference in changing rape culture? Start with these tips for raising your children to understand the true meaning of consent.

Stop Saying His Name and Clicking On His Videos

In the horrifying wake of mass shootings, many of us are curious in our sadness. Why do killers kill? We look for answers about a killer's motivation, but in doing so, we give reason for someone else to follow in their footsteps.

Why Sticks Are Good For Kids

A lot of parents automatically ban sticks at the playground. But this kind of play can be great for children's creativity and physical expression. Here's how-- and why it's dangerous to assume, in this digital age, that nature is dangerous.

6 Signs Your Partner Is Facebook-Cheating

People often equate cheating with sex. But overly intimate online relationships can be deadly for a relationship. Here's how to tell if your partner's online relationships are threatening the intimacy of yours.

The Surefire First Step to Stop Procrastinating

Many of us procrastinate because the tasks before us are big, scary blobs of work that we think will take indeterminate amounts of time. Stop procrastinating now by facing that first starting hurdle—and using a surprising method that will help you get more done than you think.

How to Control Anger: Seven Quick Tips

Many times, anger rushes over us and leads to impulsive choices that are far from being in our best interest. When we can take the time to manage anger correctly, we—and the people around us—can benefit greatly.

Plan Your Vacation—For All of Our Sakes

An alarming majority of American workers don't use all their vacation days. Ultimately, this is bad for all of us, in terms of health and-- if that doesn't convince you enough-- even productivity.

Seven Common Mistakes That Can Ruin New Friendships

Often, the challenge isn't in meeting people, but in turning that meeting into a friendship. Here are some common mistakes that can keep a friendship from forming, and the reasons why it's important to avoid them.

5 Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman

When we see that baby bump, or hear a friend's joyous news, we are commonly compelled—especially if we have children—to comment in certain specific ways. Unfortunately, these ways can be among the least helpful for the person carrying the baby. Read on for a list of what not to say to a pregnant woman.

6 Reasons You Shouldn't 'Still Be Friends'

Should you be friends with your ex? Sometimes it can work, but often it can be a minefield. Here are six signs to look out for that suggest being friends after breaking up may not work out.

Stop Uploading Pictures of Your Kid Crying

The wildly popular blog "Reasons My Son Is Crying" may be more controversial and problematic than you think.

The Evolutionary Case for Friendship

Carlin Flora explains in her new book, "Friendfluence," how friendships have always benefited the lives of humans.

Friendships in Adulthood: Needing, Making, and Keeping Them

Do you have trouble making new friendships due to a busy schedule or sudden life change? Don't worry -- you're not alone. Learn how to find others who are in the same boat as you.

Aaron Swartz and Depression

Some view Aaron Swartz's suicide as a call to arms for a national conversation on digital freedom. I want a conversation on something else.

5 Ways to Handle Your Obnoxiously Political Facebook Friends

Everyone's got those overly political Facebook friends, and these divisive times seem to raise their antics to a fever pitch. Here's the healthiest way to handle them.

Parents: Addicted to Your Phone? Here's How to Fight It

We've heard that we should be more mindful. As parents, especially with our smartphones nearby, it can be tougher than it sounds. But it starts with quick steps you can try today.

Yes, You Might Be a Flake

We've all had flaky friends. But far fewer of us will admit to being the flake ourselves. Thinking of bagging that party? Here's what to consider first:

New-Parent Facebook Blunders

Your Facebook life will change once you become a parent. Don't make it for the worse.

The Facebook Fix

This year, why not make small New Year's resolutions with big impact-- and curb some of the most annoying Facebook behaviors.

A Facebook Profile for Your Toddler. Really?

Facebook's popularity is working its way down the age ladder. Now that it's formidable reach has enveloped your Great Aunt Phyllis, now your friends are making profiles for their preschoolers. And the psychologist in me worries that this is terrible.

The 4 Worst Things to Say to a Friend Who's Suffering

When a friend experiences a loss, it can often be difficult to know what to say. The tendency to simply repeat the same platitudes ("You'll be in my thoughts; I'm so sorry") is understandably strong, but read on for some common phrases that can surprisingly do more harm than good.