Jihadist Islamism Cannot Explain the San Bernardino Attacks

"How to beat this enemy" is mostly wrong.

What to Do About ISIS?

Iraq and Syria cannot be restored as centralized states. What's next?

Why Did ISIS Do It?

ISIS has a strategy. Our reaction to Paris is part of it.

Pygmalion Rises From the Dead

Pygmalion in the classroom is cheating.

Christopher Harper-Mercer fits the profile

Could we have predicted violence from Christopher Harper-Mercer?

Is Zale Thompson A Lone-Wolf Terrorist?

Does Zale Thompson fit the Disconnected/Disordered profile?

Ottawa Parliament Shooter Michael Zehaf-Bibeau

An Islamic State terrorist or an individual pursued by his own demons?

Aaron Alexis: Disconnected and Disordered

Aaron Alexis has characteristics common to U.S. school attackers and assassins.

"Friction" Mechanisms at Work: More about Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Mechanisms of radicalization in the experience of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: "Jahar's World" interpreted

Radical Imams Shaped by Radical Muslims

Imams radicalized by their audiences

How to Turn Islamist Militants into AQ Terrorists

Many Islamists, including especially former militant Islamists, are trying democracy instead of violence. Now is not the time to get in their way.

Mohamed Merah: Jujitsu Politics in France

Mohamed Merah killed seven French citizens, including soldiers and Jewish children. Was Merah a lone wolf or was he connected with al-Qaeda?

Making Mad Men Pay

Jujitsu politics in advertising.

Tears for a tyrant?

The man who starved his people to build an atomic bomb is dead. Who's crying?


Why do we feel nostalgic?

Celebrating Osama’s death: An end to humiliation

Osama, Obama, and Afghanistan: the power of humiliation

Virtual Relationships

Oprah, Casey and the Real Housewives

The Swinging Pendulum of Psychological Wisdom

Can you predict the next dominant theory in psychology? Will you know when to walk away from it? Learn from the best.

Bread and circuses in USA today

Cheers for Osama's death, boos for Charlie's rantings, and other symptoms of stressful times.

Humiliation and martyrdom in the Jasmine Revolution

Humiliation can start a revolution.

One man's Ferrari is another man's revolution

A single man in Tunisia sets himself on fire, and suddenly the Arab world is turned upside down with revolts and revolutions. This wildfire of social unrest is explained by Hannibal Lecter and by relative deprivation theory.