Jung for Dummies: Animus Planet

Jung's ideas on the Inner Masculine that exists within all women.

James Hillman: Follow Your Uncertainty

Looking for no answers? Want to give up on hope, growth and replace the DSM-IV with literature? Have I got a man for you! James Hillman, the father of Archetypal psychology, continues to ask tough questions of the field of psychology and he has little in the way of answers---which is what makes him so wonderful.

How to Find the Best Therapist for You

A good therapist can be hard to find. The seven tips to help find the right one for you.

Freudian-Express: Dreams, The Royal Road to the Unconscious

What if you had a custom made gift delivered to your door everyday? Would you open it? Are you opening your dreams or are you throwing away these insight loaded treasures?

"Soul Mates" and Other Words I'm Afraid Of

As a psychotherapist there are words that scare us, words like "Soul Mate", "Dr. Phil" and "Friends with Benefits".

Rudolph The Depressed and Traumatized Reindeer

Do you recall the most traumatized Reindeer of all? Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer takes a break from Santa's sleigh to sit on the psychoanalytic couch. What exactly are Rudolph's psychological issues and what is it about this tale of a shiny-nosed misfit that makes us watch it again and again?

Boys to Men: Ed Hardy Meets Ernest Becker

60-somethings in board shorts and backwards baseball caps are attempting to hide from the grim reaper. The unconscious thinking in this age-inappropriate apparel is something right out of Edward Beck's book. I believe it is a defense against death and an attempt to overcome it. The Peter Pan clothing suggests: "If I look like a boy, I am a boy."

The Tissue Issue: Klein and Kleenex

What are the psychoanalytic issues that arise from tissues? What does Melanie Klein think about Kleenex? And why exactly don't therapists get a bulk rate and a frequent-buyer-reward program for their bulk buys of two-plies?

Naked Therapy: Seeing Through the Sartorial Signifiers of Our Shrinks

Have you ever seen your therapist "naked"? What your therapist wears might be more important than you might think.

Nina Garcia Goes to Therapy: Projective Runway

Nina Garcia, of Project Runway, in her book talks about what to wear to therapy. Nina's short foray into the world of psychology got me free-associating a bit and imagining what exactly therapy with a fashion goddess might be like. Berets, blue jackets, shoulder pads, transitional objects, Jacques Lacan and JLo ensued.

Reality Bites: Freudian Fangs/Team Edward, and Twilight Goes to Therapy

What is the psychological significance of vampires and why are they especially appealing to tween and teen girls? Sure, Robert Pattinson has great hair, but great hair is not enough to get girls into a frenzy. The girls don’t go gaga for Edward’s hair; it is his teeth.