Talking With Children About Death and Tragedy

Here are some specific questions that you might have about how to talk with children about tragedy.

How to Reduce Conflict and Foster Healing

In a nation divided, hurting, and fearful, the pressure is mounting. When tension and conflict escalate, do you know how to help?

How to Love People When You Hate Their Political Choices

This presidential election seems to be harder than others. How do we survive this election? Here are seven places to start.

For People Who Are Angry With “The Other Side”

There is one thing we have in common: We are afraid. What have we become? And what can we do?
Nancy Berns

A Thousand Ways in Life and Death

It can feel like a thousand little cuts that hit unpredictably as we learn to live with loss. It can be the seemingly mundane things in life that hurt so unexpectedly.
Nancy Berns

Why We Need to Move Beyond the Idea of Closure

So if we stop pushing closure, how do we help?

Finding Joy in Ordinary Moments

We can't afford to wait until everything in life is going well before appreciating ordinary moments.
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Why Keeping Problems Secret Only Makes Them Worse

Is this you? You hold it all together until the last person leaves the house and then you break down crying. You think, “How can everyone else be doing so well but I am failing?"

Living Life While Facing Death

Daniel said his wife wanted to capture life and keep living even as she faced cancer. How can she still have fun even when telling her son she was dying?

A Death Sentence Will Not Bring “Closure”

The jury’s decision to send Tsarnaev to death row will not bring closure for the families.

Living After a Police Officer Dies

If you look closer, you’ll see some of them wiping away tears. You’ll see the exhausted look of fresh grief on many faces. For others, eyes shine with appreciation of being among family—not related by blood but related by blood lost.

Two Things Children Should Know about Grief

Do not think you have to have all the pain go away before you can have fun or even just go about your ordinary routine. You are not being disloyal to the person you miss if you are experiencing joy.
Good Friday, Good Grief

Good Friday, Good Grief

Too often, church services or conversations with Christians do not give enough time for expressions of pain, loss, and grief. We want to rush to the happy stuff. We want to convince ourselves and others that life is all good. But life can be really hard.

One Man’s Sorrow, Enlightened by Grief

Paul said he was surprised by his grief: “I don't think that I had any inkling that I had any depth or capacity for that much grief. It just took me by surprise.”
How to Live, Love, and Laugh

How to Live, Love, and Laugh

A life worth living is not the same as a life free of problems. We learn from our troubles and we grow when we focus on how to keep living life to its fullest even while facing trials.

Blazing a Trail in Corn and Life

There is not just one way that your life must unfold. We learn from those “dead ends” and we can find lessons and beauty in the trails that end up going in a circle.

How Do We Keep Caring in a Broken World of Pain?

I watched, waiting to see if intervention would be needed. Then I turned in time to see tears streaming down my youngest daughter’s face. She had stopped eating, as we all did, as she worried about that little girl.
Be the Beauty in Our Broken World

Be the Beauty in Our Broken World

Amazing advances in technology and innovation in this digital world have changed the way we live. However, you will still find more beauty in simple acts of humanity.

Find Beauty in Brokenness

You can find beauty in the midst of brokenness, but you may need to expand your understanding of beauty to recognize it.
Are You Good at Comforting Others?

Are You Good at Comforting Others?

Where did my young daughter learn to comfort others?

Deciding What to Do with "Things" After a Loved One Dies

After someone dies, people often desperately want to hang on to everything they can: memories, possessions, pictures. The shoes left in the doorway can become sacred.

Grief and Violence in The Lego Movie (Spoiler Alert)

He is angry towards his father. Expressing his anger, the boy imagines and then acts out violent attacks: beheadings, explosions, shootings, and pushing people off a cliff. And in the end, he gets what he wants—and wins the girl too.

Thirteen Years

Fresh grief covers the earth. / New tracks will appear. / Your imprints on my heart / Will never disappear.
Learning to Float in Grief

Learning to Float in Grief

Face the pain long enough to be able to look around and see that joy and life remain. You can learn to float while immersed in grief.
Gardening for the Soul

Gardening for the Soul

When our souls have wilted, we need to nurture them. Cut off the things hanging on that are not essential.

Unwrap A Gift for Living From the One Who Died

Our loved ones who died gave us gifts to help us move forward. We need to unwrap them.

A Bag of Chips and One of Those “Loss Awareness” Days

Do we have all these official “awareness” days to give people something “to do?” Does it help us to know that we wore pink, posted a note to Facebook, or lit a candle for a particular problem?

A 96-year-old Man’s Grief Lights Up the World

Fred’s story strikes our fear of mortality while giving us courage to face what comes.

Don’t Rush to the Bright Side

When people are facing a crisis or just having a hard day, it can be tempting (and often well-meaning) to say something along the lines of “try to look on the bright side.” But this can often hurt more than help.

Stephen Colbert's Loving Tribute to His Mother

Recently, Stephen Colbert’s mother died. He gave a beautiful, poignant tribute to her before his show one evening.