The Suppression of Individual Liberty

Humans are the only animals with free will. With freedom comes responsibility and despite so much perceived “freedom,” many are unhappy. Loss of individual liberty may be to blame

The Value of Asking

To live a more satisfying life, ask questions, don’t make assumptions. And when you're confronted by assumptions, question them.

Life is Too Short to Deal with A-Holes

Everyone can be a jerk sometimes, but what about those who are committed A-holes? We’ve all encountered one and they can make our lives temporarily miserable. Early recognition is the key to coping with and kicking these selfish jerks to the curb.

The Mediterranean Miracle

People who follow the Mediterranean meal plan tend to live longer and have a reduced risk of developing diabetes, cancer and obesity. If you resolved to eat more healthfully in 2015, this meal plan may be an easy way to keep your New Year’s Resolution.

New Year’s Evolutions for Personal Success

Have your New Year's Resolutions already fizzled out like week-old champagne? Don't be discouraged! Change your Resolutions into Evolutions for a successful new you in 2015.

Leave Me Alone!

Vacation Buzzkillingtons, also known as co-workers, may consistently break personal borders by bothering colleagues on vacation. Better planning and setting limits help curb these behaviors and allow for a more enjoyable and peaceful time away from work.

Does Soda Make You Fat?

Some experts would have you believe that soda is the prime suspect in creating the obesity epidemic. Many cite the “liquid” sugar contained in such drinks. But is liquid sugar really any different than table sugar or solid sugar? A look at the body of scientific evidence shows the jury is still out.

Soda Warning Labels: Rated "F" for Futility

“Experts” say put warning labels on sodas and sugary drinks but such proclamations show how out of touch they are with the realities facing persons struggling to lose weight.

Fed Up With Nutrition Misinformation

Nutritional scientists who’ve worked with patients know that warning labels, taxes, unrealistic weight loss diets and negative tactics do not foster lasting change or long term good health.

Will Legalization of Marijuana Lead to More Obesity?

Colorado and Washington are frequently listed in the top 10 of “fittest” states, but with the legalization of marijuana, will their citizens' health go to pot?

Barbie: Blacklist or Buy This Black Friday?

Barbie once again tops many little girls Wish Lists this holiday, but parents seeking to build their daughter’s self-image may be concerned that Barbie sends the wrong message. However, Barbie, along with other toys, can actually boost girls' creativity.

The Ugly Side of Child Fame: From JonBenet to Corey Feldman

Popular TV shows suggest that childhood stardom is the key to a happy life. However, behind the scenes, some child stars are the victims of pushy parents who will pursue fame at the expense of their child’s health and well being.

Does Grandma Have an Eating Disorder?

Eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia have historically been associated with teens and young adults, however disordered eating patterns are on the rise among retirees. In a culture where youthfulness is akin to skinniness, many older women are practicing dysfunctional weight loss strategies.

Do Soft Drinks Really Make Kids More Aggressive?

Yesterday news headlines were ablaze with the latest nutrition study suggesting that soft drink consumption causes violent and aggressive behavior in children. But is this true? A closer look at the actual study and the results reveal a flawed study that is far from conclusive. Here’s why.

Three Reasons Dieters Should Eat More Protein

Protein is unique among the macronutrients in its ability to curb appetite and boost weight loss. Eating protein at each meal increases caloric expenditure, preserves muscle mass and creates a feeling of fullness. But how much dietary protein is enough?

Five Ways to Unconsciously Cut Calories

It is often said we eat with our eyes instead of our stomachs, so how can we restore sanity to our snacking? Changing a few cues might be the key to losing weight without conscious dieting. From blue plates to different drinking glasses, simple changes can trick your brain, causing you to eat less and shed pounds.

Tantalized by Train Wreck Reality Television

Reality shows that feature glammed up toddlers are all the rage, boasting skyrocketing ratings. But what is so appealing about these shows? Why do some think these shows are “must see TV” while others charge they are “must flee TV?” Schadenfreude, or taking pleasure in the misfortune of others, may explain the popularity of “train wreck” television.

Princess by Proxy: Explaining Extreme Pageant Moms

Why do some child glitz pageant parents behave the way they do? New research suggests that "Princess by Proxy" a form of "Achievement by Proxy" may be to blame. Extreme pageant parents may lose sight of their child's needs in favor of their own desires for fame and fortune.

Are Your Friends Making You Fat?

If you are struggling to lose weight, you might want to take Friend-ventory. Friends have a profound effect on our body weight and health habits.

Why Is Swimsuit Season so Scary?

Every year around this time, department store dressing rooms echo with the disgruntled sighs of women trying on swimwear. Armed with at least a half dozen spandex garments of various shapes, sizes and colors, nothing can morph a mature woman into an awkward adolescent like a full length, three-sided mirror.

Can One Literally Eat "Positive Thoughts?"

Chocolate is America's most craved food. For many, chocolate gives a great mid-afternoon pick-me-up, but can this effect be enhanced by enriching chocolate morsels with positive thought?

The High Incidence of Post Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Anxiety and Depression

Many patients who are discharged from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) frequently suffer health problems long after they've left the hospital.

Putting Paula Deen's Diabetes in Perspective

This week celebrity chef Paula Deen announced that she has had Type II diabetes for the past 3 years. Ms. Deen is noted for her "comfort food" recipes that are rich in butter and sugar and are consequently high in calories. Many have chided the 65-year old cook promoting an unhealthy diet... but is this fair?

Child Beauty Pageants: What Are We Teaching Our Girls?

Today, television and magazine covers are splashed with images of little girls coiffed as women, thus driving home the message that "beauty matters." "The Princess Syndrome" spurs young girls to embody physical beauty at a young age, instilling in them the desire to strive for the fairy tale ending of complete physical perfection and beauty.