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Nutrition in Recovery from Addiction

From a public health perspective, the addiction problem appears to be relentless with substances of abuse increasing in potency. Meanwhile highly accessible and highly palatable fo Knight

Feeding Your Addiction

While it’s easy to list differences between foods and drugs our brains can have a very hard time differentiating between the pleasure derived from mild doses of some drugs.

The Social Network of Food

Negotiating for support can be especially important when you are trying to make some dietary/lifestyle changes.

Schools Out, but the Same Rules Apply!

A few easy tips for preventing weight gain during summer vacation

Beating the Warm Weather Weight Gain

How to healthfully navigate your next summer BBQ.

Are Your Cognitive Behaviors Hurting Your Health?

Is self misperception and mindless eating preventing you from losing weight?

How to Embrace National Nutrition Month

Celebrate nutrition all month long! Updated science combined with easy tips to jump start your health

The New Dietary Guidelines Highlight Limiting Sugar

How do you limit your sugar intake if you don't know where it's hidden?

New Year, New Plan!

A few simple strategies to start your year off to a healthy right

Tips to Stay Trim During the Holiday Season

Healthy Advice to Keep in Mind When Celebrating This Holiday

How Will the New Guidelines Shape the Nation's Nutrition?

What can we learn from the Brazil's dietary guidelines?

Your Fitbit Is Ruining Your Relationship With Your Body

Why obsessively tracking your health isn't so healthy after all

The Less Sweet Side of Artificial Sweeteners

Learn about the less sweet side effects of consuming artificial sweeteners!

Want to Lose Weight? Spend More Time in the Kitchen!

Find out the benefits of cooking and learn some simple tips to get you started!

Why Do We Eat?

Why do we continue to eat when we are not even hungry? How has the food environment changed so drastically over time?

Eating for Two: Is It Good For You?

New book focuses on what to eat (instead of what to avoid eating) when pregnant.

Is the American Diet Doomed? Weigh in!

Now that unhealthy foods abound in our society, can the American diet be salvaged?

Why You Shouldn't Shop When Sleepy

Research suggests that combing the aisles of the supermarket with drooping eyelids may have unintended consequences for your pantry and possibly your diet.

3 Myths About Eating Disorders Debunked

Eating disorders can be very difficult to understand. In honor of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, take some time to learn a bit more about these disorders and the truth behind a handful of myths that surround them.

4 Tips to (Really) Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution

Do your New Year's resolutions sound familiar? Like maybe from last year...or the year before? Read on to learn about a handful of common psychological pitfalls that might be sabotaging our efforts and leaving us with the same goals each year.

Turkey Day Survival Guide

Helpful ways to celebrate Thanksgiving in moderation

World’s Largest Calorie Eating Contest

As children, many of us were taught that we couldn’t leave the dinner table unless we finished what was on our plates. This was a good strategy for parents to ensure that we are getting enough nutrients, but what happens as our plates get bigger?

A Link Between Metabolic Syndrome and Mental Decline?

Evidence shows that poor physical health is related to a decline in cognitive functioning and suggests how we can intervene

The Summer Slide

Summer vacation is usually thought of as a time for fun in the sun, but for some children and teens, these months can mean more screen time and less healthy food options.

Hunger Gains

Going too long between meals can increase the appeal of high calorie foods and sabotage your weight loss efforts.

Less Is More

The assumption that more is always better may not be true when it comes to food variety.

A “Normal” Day for a Kid in a Sugar-Saturated World

Most parents want to feed their children well-balanced, nutritional meals and snacks that will support healthy growth and development, however, many food and beverage products on the market today that appear okay for kids contain high amounts of sugar.

Why Diets Fail

We've all been there – January 1st marks the first day to get back in shape, start eating healthily, or fit back into our pre-baby jeans. And we've all been here – February 1st and realizing that many of these changes haven't stuck. Why do our diet attempts frequently fail and how can we make real, long lasting changes in our diet?

How Sugar Affects the Brain

We often hear about how sugar affects our waistlines, but how does it affect our brain?

One Addiction to the Next

When trying to cut down on one unhealthy behavior, like overeating, another may step in and take its place. Who might be particularly vulnerable to addiction transfer, and how can you anticipate this and be proactive to avoid it?