Change Is Constant, Resistance Is Futile

In nature, whatever stops changing and growing begins to dissolve or die. So it is with us.

8 Beliefs You Should Have About Money

Are your beliefs about money keeping you from living a prosperous life? What is sabotaging your wealth? A change in thinking may be all you need.

You Think You Are Right? Well, So Do I

No matter what the topic—fashion, finances, or frappucinos—the conversation seems to be that “My way is right." Is this true? And why does it even matter? And at what cost?

How Deep is Your Love?

Do you feel like you’re not enough? Is your Valentine’s Day doomed to be dismal? It doesn't have to. Find out what it means to right with yourself.

Ho'oponopono: Ancient Concept for a Modern World

Holding a grudge? Want to let it go, not for their sake but for yours? Learn the ancient way Hawaiians stayed healthy and pono with the practice of Ho'oponopono.

Setting Your Success Drive on Fire

We go to a weekend seminar or training and get inspired to become “all that we can be!” We’re excited! We’re on fire! We’re going for it! But by Tuesday, life happens, now what?

What to Do When Life Hits the Fan

It doesn’t matter how enlightened, successful, or brilliant you are. It doesn’t matter if you live on the edge inviting challenge or tiptoe through life protected by bubble wrap. Unexpected and unwanted stuff is still going to happen. The difference is in how we respond.

5 Secrets to Do What You Don’t Want to Do

Do you know what is best for you, yet find it difficult to actually WANT to do what you need to do? Here are 5 secrets on how to get yourself to do what you need to do, in order to get what you most desire.

What Does Your Body Say About You?

Your body may be trying to tell you something - are you listening? How will you respond?

Are You Using Your Anger—or Is It Using You?

Anger can help us stand up for ourselves or give us the momentum to make the changes we need to make. But when anger is a constant state—either in a society or a person—it’s rarely useful and usually destructive.

6 Signs That Fear is Holding You Back

Could fear be calling the shots in your life, or in certain areas of your life? If so, here are some simple ways to release fear and move forward.

Wired for Perfect Health

Your unconscious mind knows exactly what you need to be healthy. So why aren’t you?

Are You in an Abusive Relationship with Money?

There’s one type of abusive relationship that’s still tolerated in this country: It’s the abusive relationship too many of us have with money.

Finding Your Personal Motivator for Fitness

The reason you're not motivated to exercise regularly may be that you haven't found a good enough reason to do it.

I’m Just That Kinda Guy

Your beliefs shape your reality. Who you think you are, what you believe you are up until now have created your life as you know it. Here are some easy ways to begin to believe better for yourself.

Create Your Own Meaning for the Holidays

What is the true meaning of the holiday season for you? And is your “true meaning” empowering you and getting you what you want?

Home for the Holidays: Your Survival Guide

Some of you may have parents and family who have supported you 100% throughout your entire evolution. If that’s your family, this article isn’t for you.

How to Forgive Yourself and Move on From the Past

Many of us know that forgiveness is a good thing, right? But what about forgiving ourselves? Even if we’ve gotten pretty good and consistent about offering forgiveness to others, isn’t forgiving ourselves often the most difficult? Understanding why self-forgiveness is difficult can give us clues to make it easier....

The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Forgiveness

“I never take advice from anyone more messed up than I am.” - Tom Hopkins I’ve spent a good deal of my career working with and teaching forgiveness, specifically ho’oponopono, the ancient forgiveness practice of the Hawaiian Islands. In fact, I wrote my PhD dissertation on it. So I’ve got some expertise in this area, and I’ve noticed...

Boost Confidence with Hypnosis and NLP

Most of us pop out of the womb with a fairly high degree of self-confidence. We haven’t yet started to judge ourselves as smart or dumb, handsome or homely. We haven’t yet built up notions of possible versus impossible, safe versus risky. And most importantly, we haven’t had time to absorb the judgments, fears, and limitations of the people and culture surrounding us...

A New (and Controversial) Way to Treat Anger Issues

Let me try to cover a big topic in a small article. Let’s talk about anger. And as I do, I guarantee, I’m going to ruffle some feathers. So be it.

Overcome Depression This Summer

Yea! Summer’s here and surf’s up! School’s out and the livin’ is easy! Pull out the barbeque (actually, mine’s out all year long!), the flip flops and sunscreen. Time to party! And summer is like that for a lot of us. But for others, summer can be the gloomiest, most difficult time of the year. How is this so? Well, some people suffer from...

How to Avoid 7 Common Mistakes on the Road to Success

Everybody and their grandmother will tell you that setting goals is the key to success. I was taught goal-setting at an early age and I’ve taught goal-setting and goal-getting for many years to thousands of students. And for the most part, students get really stoked as they work with goals and see the amazing results they can create. But...

How to Stay Happy Around Negative People

I’m pretty sure I don’t need to tell you how important being upbeat, optimistic and downright happy is to your well-being. For decades, you’ve all heard how being positive improves your relationships, your academic potential, and even how successful you’ll be in your career. And in recent years, research has shown that negative emotions are directly related to...

Here’s a Quick Way to Ditch Emotional Baggage

Release traumatic memories stored in your body (even if they started forming before you were born).

What Everybody Ought to Know About Forgiveness

Winter is the perfect time to reflect, let go, and clear away the old. Here is how you can become an expert at apologizing and forgiving. Read this article to learn how to do ho'oponopono - the forgiveness process used by the ancient Hawaiians.

Is It Time to Go?

Are you ready to go? See how easily you can (finally) forgive and move on.

The Anti-Money Trap

I don’t care how many dream boards you have depicting beautiful houses and wonderful vacations. I don’t care if you carry a hundred dollar bill in your wallet to represent wealth. I don’t care that you repeat four thousand affirmations daily: “Money comes to me easily and effortlessly,” yada yada yada. If you don't have the financial results you want, you are anti-money.

4 Steps to Release “Limiting Beliefs” Learned From Childhood

While growing up we develop a certain set of beliefs about how the world works. Some of these are facts to be taken seriously, and others are simply "limiting beliefs" that we've created. The problem is that "limiting beliefs" will *feel* like facts, and thus we don't consider challenging them. Here is how to blow through those limitations and create new experiences.

How Limiting Are Your Decisions?

Play detective, look at your life, and give your unconscious mind what it needs.