The Pursuit of Liberty

It's not that we've missed the mark on happiness as much as we've given up our personal freedom to strive for someone else's idea of happiness. Here are 5 steps to begin regaining your freedom today!

Don’t Let the Pursuit of Happiness Keep You Down

Has buying into the American Dream left you a disenchanted consumer? Well, you're not the only one who has been duped by the pursuit of happiness. Many of us work infinite hours and commute far distances just so we can afford 'the good life' — hoping to find happiness. Only, most of us haven’t. And worse — we're not even sure how to. Until now...

Happiness Is Risky Business

Does risk = happiness? In light of scientific research, paired with my own personal risk-taking experience, I'm betting "yes." Here's 5 ways to become a positive risk-taker!

Love God, Love People

Underneath all the great professional credentials, I'm just an everyday gal who really loves Jesus... and who longs to follow His teachings, particularly those about loving people (ALL people) and taking care of the poor and broken-hearted.

Suckers for Joy

What would stir YOU to jump for joy? A sweet, new car with leather interior? Meeting the guy or gal that's a perfect match to your quirkiness? Winning a lottery worth millions? Donald Trump with a new hairstyle? Or what about... two lollipops?

The F Word (and the C Word)

The number one reason you don't have what you want in life: The F Word. But while it keeps you from having what you want, FEAR itself can propel you toward your best life. But which C Word can help you to do so?

Poor, Rich Men: The Paradox of Poverty in Haiti

Some of the materially poorest of people are also the wealthiest in joy. Could God be the answer to happiness in Haiti?  

The Great Balancing Act: A Fresh Take on Time

Balance is not just about what we do with our also has a lot to do with how we think about it.Given that our thoughts determine our actions, how we think about time may be even more important to our well-being than what we do with it.  

From Here to There: Proven Methods for Reaching Your Goals

Succeeding at your goals requires a deep commitment, self-regulation and motivation to persist in the face of setbacks. Luckily there are some great, secret weapons to add to your self-regulation artillery.

Spin Challenge into Positive Growth

Thrivers can be pushed to their limits -- just like the rest of us -- but they have the ability to persevere in the face of challenge. They can do this because they have the Thriving Mindset, which is the most essential resource for spinning challenge, fear and risk into the ‘good life’. 

If You Think You Can’t… Think Again: The Sway of Self-Efficacy

Remember the children’s story The Little Engine that Could? Defying impossible odds, the little engine did! But did we somehow miss the message of this tale? 50 years have past since the book was first published, and when trying to overcome hardship or pursue our dreams, many of us still think, “I can’t.” Sound familiar? 

Three Ways that Modern-Day Conveniences Can Make You Less Happy

Most of us will do anything to avoid challenge, discomfort or even the slightest bit of inconvenience (hence, the Clapper, remote controls and Velcro). But by doing so, are we doing more harm than good when it comes to our well-being?

Seeing Is Believing: The Power of Visualization

Despite the great case for getting off our duffs, there are some amazingly cool and effective practices we can do from the comfort of our own recliners – without even budging a finger. 

Sweaty Magic: Spin Hardship into Personal Growth

In the world of academics, thriving is “characterized by the individual displaying less reactivity when faced with stressors, and resulting in a faster recovery or consistently higher level of functioning”.  To the rest of us, thriving is Sweaty Magic – the ability to spin hardship, whether unexpected adversity or self-imposed challenge, into positive growth!

Despair on the Rise – A Perfect Time to THRIVE

The economy is busted. The American Dream is dead. Once built on the pursuit of happiness, now our country crumbles because of it. A dismal state of existence -- a perfect time to thrive!