6 Tips for Managing Life With a Control Freak

It's difficult to live with someone who is always controlling in a variety of ways. Some tips for not taking it personally and for changing the dynamics.

How to Fix Any Problem: The 3 Step Approach

While the content of the problems we are forced to deal with every day constantly changes, the basic approach we need to put the problem to rest is always the same. Here are the three steps.

Affairs: The Healing Process

Affairs are devastating on so many levels, but at its core it is about trust and loss. A map for moving through the normal healing process.

2 Dating Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

It's natural to try and present your best self when dating and avoid confrontations. Makes sense but not a good idea. Here are some tips on making dating do what its supposed to do.

Having a Baby: When You Don't Agree

Being on different pages about having children can be a major relationship roadblock. The key is uncovering the problem under the problem -- some likely suspects.

The Ideal Family: How Do You Stack Up?

An ideal family isn't necessarily about children having manners or creating "quality time", but creating a healthy foundation and structure. Here's what you want to shoot for.

Your Anxiety & Relationships: Are You a Good Match?

There are 3 ways of coping with anxiety. How does your style match up with your partners?

2 Simple Steps to Get Along Better

Solving relationship problems is simple -- stop doing what the other guy hates, do more of what he likes. Where you get stuck is in getting stuck. Some ways to move forward and do the best you can do.

Mastering the 4 Stages of Development

Becoming an adult means moving through the 4 stages of development, but it's easy to get stuck. How to know when you are and what to do about it.

What's Your Leadership Style?

A look at healthy and unhealthy styles of leadership whether it be head of the PTO, a company, a middle manager, even a parent. Time to fill in the gaps.

How to Help Someone Make a Big Decision

Your friend, partner, child feels stuck and can't decide what to do next. Time for you to step up. Some dos and don'ts for helping them find their own solution.

The Appeal and the Risks of Rebound Relationships

Rebound relationships are alluring and dangerous and rarely turn out well. A look at the anatomy of the rebound and ways to break the cycle.

What's Your State of Mind?

We all move in and out of different mindsets throughout the day. The challenge is to recognize when we're beginning to fall into one of these emotional ditches and getting back on the rational road. Some tips.

5 Tips for Making Relationships Last

What's the secret to creating successful long-term relationships? Here are some tips.

Steppingstones: Surveying the Landscape of Your Life

Ira Progoff's steppingstone journal-writing exercise is a powerful way of reviewing and grasping the landscape of your life. Here are variations to try and learn from.

Do You Have a Life Plan?

Some of us build our lives, some of us discover them. What's important isn't the actual content of our goals, but the larger question of defining our way of determining them. Some food for thought.

9 Tips for Making Your Relationship a Priority

It's easy for relationships to fall to the back-burner. As a couple it's helpful to think of your relationship as a baby that you both want to tend to and help grow. Some tips for making your relationship a priority.

Making the Most of Brief Therapy

Brief therapy can and does work for many of us. Here are some tips for making the most of it.

Your Mind On Life: An Unofficial Journal to the First Half

Each decade has its own unique challenges and lessons. Like it or not we are forced to change or at least consider changing as we cross new psychological terrain. A 30 second unofficial map of what's possibly ahead.

Why We Tolerate What We Hate, and How to Stop

We all have some old emotional wounds that cause us to both hate certain ways others treat us, yet we tolerate them long after others wouldn't. Recognizing your wounds and learning to heal them is the key to managing close relationships.

Don't Change, Be Curious

Our notions about change can make the process seem overwhelming, but needn't be. The trick is the think of change as a verb, not a noun, that it's about being curious, playful, experimenting with breaking patterns, doing different than doing right just to see what it is like. Some tips...

Relationships: Changing the Emotional Climate

It's easy to fall into a environment of tension, of roommate-type distance. Sure, there may be problems to solve, but first you may need to change the emotional climate. Some tips.

The 3 Big Obstacles in Relationships

While the situations and problems always change, the key to successful relationships involves navigating around these 3 common obstacles

Thought Reversals: Simple Trick for Getting Unstuck

"If he didn't do...If I didn't feel...Then I would..." Start at the other end of the problem equation -- take action to eliminate the roadblocks to your goals.

ADHD & Adults: Knowing the Signs

While only 5% of the population, for those with ADHD the effects are real. For adults who are not diagnosed, they often feel like losers, looking back at a life filled with good ideas and talents and with little to show for it, with partners who are frustrated and burned out. Knowing what to look for can help you take the action you need to turn things around.

Raising a Resilient Child

Teaching your kids how to bounce back in their lives is a matter of learning a combination of skills. Like most parenting challenges, it always starts with you.

Discovering the Purpose of Your Life: 4 Exercises

Life without purpose...sucks. Four exercises to help you uncover yours.

3 Keys to Anger Management

Anger management is more than just learning to "just calm down." It's about emotional flexibility, self awareness, and solving the problem under the problem. Some tools and tips.

What's the One Thing You Can't Do?

Most of us have our Achilles heel, that emotional stuck point that stops us dead in our tracks. It keeps us from running our lives better and achieving what we want most. Figure it out and you're able to move forward. Here are the likely culprits blocking your success.

Is It Time to Reframe Your Dreams?

When you reach your dream, what is "it" that you are really gaining? Discover that and you'll find that there are multiple paths to getting what you most need.