Mastering Life's Transitions

Transitions from one chapter of our lives to the next can be a challenge. The key is to step back, think big picture, move forward, and have realistic expectations. Some tips.

4 Ways You Sabotage Your Relationships

We sabotage our ability to fix problems in our relationships by clinging to the stories we make up. A look at some of the most common saboteurs and ways around them.

In an Emotional Funk? Time to Create a First-Aid Plan

We all have times when our emotions derail us. The key to navigating these emotions is having an effective plan.

4 Ways to Begin Healing the Wounds of Childhood Trauma

When children face trauma they instinctively decide how they need to be to avoid having this happen again. Unfortunately, what they often decided then doesn't work so well now

What Does It Mean to Be Compatible?

It's easy to be nice and accommodating when dating, but dating is about finding out if you are truly compatible. Here are the 6 big issues you'll want to discuss and focus on

Irrational Guilt: How to Put It to Rest

Guilt is the big wagging finger that can forever nag us. But there's two types: rational and irrational. Here's how to tell the difference and put irrational guilt to rest.

Children & Funerals: 5 Ways to Support

Children often are frightened by funerals for a variety of reasons. Tips on how to support and talk

3 Things to Do After Relationship Trauma

Affairs, blow-ups, can be traumatic in a relationship and are wake-up calls about other problems below the surface. 3 things to do to get your relationship back on a solid footing.

What You Can Really Expect From Couple's Therapy

Deciding to go to couple counseling can seem a bit overwhelming. Some guidelines on how to start and what to expect

Feel Like You Are Doing It All? Time to Stop

Feeling like your partner is pulling his share of the work is a common couple problem. Four sources and 4 solutions

3 Faces of Anger: 3 Management Strategies

Anger is never what it seems. It's about power, anxiety or being a martyr. Some strategies for helping and healing.

What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do

Stuck making a decision? Six tips on what to do when you don't know what to do.

After an Affair: 4 Lessons for Any Couple

Embedded in the pain of affairs are lessons: 4 things to learn

Dealing with the Dead-end Job

Feeling stuck in a dead-end job? Rather than just getting away, figure out what you want to go towards. Some tips.

Don't Make Me Tell You Again: Getting Kids to Listen

Having to constantly remind your kids to do something is the ongoing frustration of many parents. Here's how to make it stop.

Narcissist or Just Self-Centered? 4 Ways to Tell

While narcissistic individuals are certainly self-centered, not all self-centered individuals are narcissistic. Here's how to tell the difference.

Attractions That Go Sour: The Good & Bad of Complementarity

What we're most attracted to in another is often what eventually can drive us crazy. Some of the whys and ways to sidestep such reactions

Entitled Teens: 3 Causes, 3 Solutions

Entitled teens feel they can do what they want and get away with it. Unfortunately to their own detriment often do. Three causes and their antidotes for reining in runaway teens

Are You a Quitter? Time to Bulk Up Your Willpower

The antidote to being a quitter is recognizing where you get stuck and learning to override these emotions. Tips for developing perseverance.

5 Ways Relationships Can Go Wrong (and 3 Ways to Fix Them)

Relationships get stuck or can't move forward because one or both partners don't feel safe. Here are 5 of the common causes and ways to make it better

3 Reasons We Can't Make Up Our Minds

Indecisive? Some causes and tips for learning to be bold.

4 Signs That Your Relationship May Be Over

Deciding to end a relationship can be anguishing. Some suggestions for when it's time to pull to plug and when to slow down

Procrastination 101: Determine the Source, Solve the Problem

Procrastination has many sources and determining your own goes a long way in putting procrastination to rest. Some of the common causes and their antidotes.

What Your Sexual Dreams Can Tell You

Sexual dreams, like other dreams, have layers of meaning. Some ideas about ways to decipher what your sexual dreams may be telling you.

Being a Great Manager: The Art of Supervision

Management is about leadership, fairness, clarity, flexibility. But with different staff with different personalities and experience, it's about adapting you style to best meet their needs. Some tips.

Relationship Roadblock? Define Your Values

It's easy for couples to hit roadblocks that turn into power struggles and reactions to control. Side-step it by talking about your values and what's really important to you

Inner Selves: Calming the Demons

We all have inner voices that criticize or make us anxious or simply make us feel bad, but can control our lives. Some tips for pushing back.

6 Tips for Managing Life With a Control Freak

It's difficult to live with someone who is always controlling in a variety of ways. Some tips for not taking it personally and for changing the dynamics.

How to Fix Any Problem: The 3 Step Approach

While the content of the problems we are forced to deal with every day constantly changes, the basic approach we need to put the problem to rest is always the same. Here are the three steps.

Affairs: The Healing Process

Affairs are devastating on so many levels, but at its core it is about trust and loss. A map for moving through the normal healing process.