Can Better Body Awareness Improve Your Workout?

Are you working out to feel the burn? You might need to adjust your attitude to avoid muscle damage.

Why Can Training the 'Mirror Muscles' Cause Pain?

Are you exercising but also feeling chronic pain? A functional exercise program can help.

'My Butt Actually Looks OK in This'

How to choose your exercise outfit? Women exercisers talk about their strategies for looking good in fitness fashion.

Is There Feminine Muscularity?

Is sculpting a muscular body feminine? There are several options for women to display visible muscularity.

The Ideal Fit Masculine Body

Do men exercise to improve their appearance? Men's reactions to the muscular body ideal differ.

Muscle Tone Is Sexy, But You Don’t Want To Look Too Buff

Women athletes need to be fit and strong. Are they happy with their bodies?

Does Competitive Attitude Help Persevere With Exercise??

Not motivated to exercise? What are the lessons from mentally tough exercisers?

Resisting “The Biggest Loser Effect”

Many exercising women are dissatisfied with their bodies. Can self-compassion help with body acceptance?

Why Do Women Strive for Abdominal Perfection?

Abdominal workouts that promise sexy, sculpted abdominals fast are common. Why are we enticed by their promise?

Embrace Your Inner Ballerina

Do you like to embrace your inner ballerina by exercising at home? The online barre exercises workouts need to used with caution.
Lululemon athletic/Wikimedia Commons

Can ‘Sexy’ Fitness Be Empowering to Women?

Women can now choose between many different fitness activities to feel more self-confident, strong, and empowered. Why would 'sexy' activities like pole dancing be considered particularly particularly liberating for women?

Can Feeling Sexy in Fitness Class Lead to Body Confidence?

Looking to feel sexy, self-confident, and have fun? Then pole fitness, say some researchers, might be for you.

Is CrossFit a Feminist Issue?

High intensity exercise programs such as CrossFit have attracted large amount of women exercisers. Many CrossFitters testify that their workout has changed their lives and allowed them to build strong, muscular bodies. But is Crossfit safe and empower exercise for women?

Can We Exercise Too Much?

Physical activity has been proven to improve physical and psychological health. However, is any amount of exercise good? Too much exercise can prevent psychological well-being. When excessive exercise develops into exercise dependence, it becomes compulsive behaviour that controls the exerciser's life.
Arya Ziai/Flickr 2013

Feeling Exercise Guilt?

Confessions of feeling guilty about eating too much but exercising too little are particularly common among women and particularly after holidays. But do these feelings always motivate us to start working out or to sustain an exercise program beyond January? Is it possible to think about exercise without automatically feeling guilty?

Feminine Physique

Many women now work out with weights to reshape their bodies, but can visible musculature be feminine? Building 'feminine physique' continues to be a part of bodybuilding where women can now compete in bikini and fitness categories with emphasis on feminine presentation, not muscle size. Many women feel empowered, but also avoid becoming 'too big.'

The Mirror Tells It All?

Nearly all gyms have mirrors to improve physical exercise performance. The presence of mirrors can, however, reduce psychological benefits of exercise. Women's psychological wellbeing tends to me more affected by the presence of mirrors than men's wellbeing. How can mirrors be used for improved health benefits?

Spot Reduction

It is a common assumption that exercising certain areas of the body will reduce the surrounding fat storage in that area. It is also a biological fact that this is impossible. Why, then, do we continue to believe in 'spot reduction?'

Is It Possible to be Fit and Fat?

Many women exercise to lose weight and tone up. However, over the last 30 years, a strong connection between striving for the thin and toned ideal body and high prevalence of women's body dissatisfaction has been established. With this medical evidence, is there now less pressure to workout for the perfect body shape?

Lean, Long Muscles at the Barre

With a promise to build the long, lean muscles of a ballerina, Barre classes have become one of the latest fitness trends. Do these workouts really work? Is it possible to turn out looking like a ballerina in a fitness class?

From Mindless Followers to Mindful Exercisers

Many exercisers are looking for alternatives to conventional fitness forms such as aerobics or weight training. Mindful fitness is advertised as one such alternative. What does being mindful about one's exercise mean?

"I Have Two Left Feet and the Class Got Extremely Upset!"

Many exercisers find it difficult to follow group exercise programs that require participants to move together in one unit. Are the benefits to learning to act as a group or do these classes produce mindless followers?

Is It About Socializing or Working Out?

Group exercise classes are often filled with women. Some might claim that these types of classes are more for socializing than for serious workouts. However, some men also participate in group exercise. Do they participate in different reason from women? What do women get out exercising in a group?

There Are No Men in My Exercise Class

Group exercise participants and their instructors are mainly women. Many of the popular, profitable exercise brands are, however, created by men. Why don't women succeed in leading the fitness business similar to men?

I Don’t Want to Bulk up – But Why Should You?

Many women are concerned with 'bulking up' if they lift weights. Where does this fear stem from? Does all resistance training results in 'big' muscles?

Build Up Your Guns

What should men's exercise program look like if designed by women? In a recent issue of the British GQ, Olympic gold medalist Jessica Ennis draws from her experiences as a female elite athlete to give men workout advice. Jessica's program focuses on building a six-pack and the 'guns' in addition to weight loss. Is this the ideal male body that women prefer?

Feeling Guilty About Faking Joy

Standardized exercise classes such as Bodypump and Zumba have become very popular. They are based on pre-choreographed movements to provide good workouts and be fun as well. Why are they so popular? Can everyone enjoy them?

Exercise and ‘Flow’

Instructors often ask if exercisers are having fun during their class. At the same time, we know that many participants do not enjoy exercise and can't wait have their workout done and over with. Why does exercise need to be fun? What does having fun while exercising mean?

Feeling Pain

We are often encouraged to 'work harder' in our exercise sessions. It is sometimes difficult to know when one is simply pushing one's body and when one is damaging it by overdoing. But can one work hard without being in pain? What is the difference between 'good' and 'bad' pain?

Why Do Women Run Ultramarathons?

More women are participating in endurance events such as Ironman triathlon, marathons and even ultramarathons. Preparation for such a event requires a lot of training and completing a race often involves pain. What attracts women to these events? Why do they enjoy such extreme endurance events?