Last week I hung out with the girl from the organization who taught Tim Ferris how to experience orgasmic meditation, or OM. Tim Ferris, the very successful entrepreneur and author of The 4-Hour Work Week came in for coaching with his lady friend (not girlfriend). He fell in love with the technique so much that he wrote a whole chapter about it in his new book, The 4-Hour Body.

I met Rachel Cherwitz from the organization One Taste a few months ago, after a guy from temple over Shabbat dinner explained he and a girl went to these orgasm classes. I have no idea how the topic even came up, but I thought he was nuts. The next day I found out more about organization for “research.”

Cherwitz met me at a cafe and handed me their new DVD that gives you the 411 on Oming. She knows I don’t have the guts to try the technique in class! But a DVD at home with a partner… maybe.

According to Cherwitz, Oming allows women to relax and feel their orgasms in a different way. You sit back and your partner touches your clitoris in a certain spot until you have full body sensation — not the “orgasm” you think you should have.

“We focus on feminine orgasm to expand ability to feel more. Increase range, depth and connection to sensation, both the subtle and intense. As opposed to the masculine orgasm. We’re building a muscle that hasn’t been used,” Cherwitz says.


There is also this myth out there created by pharmaceutical companies that more than 50 percent of women have a sexual dysfunction disorder. But really, it’s a made up disorder so you believe you can’t climax. It’s all documented in the documentary Orgasm Inc.

OMing makes all girls feel like they have the power to enjoy their bodies, and then in turn enjoy their lives! Although I have watched the DVD, I’m still due for a test-run. Grab your copy here and see if you make it there first!

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