The Problem With Gay Marriage

Let the anti-gay marriage movement claim that religion declares marriage to be between a man and a woman. Thanks to freedom of speech, that is certainly their right. Just as it is the right, and the responsibility, of all American citizens to demand a legal institution that honors equality for all couples and families.

Fame and Happiness

We have a cultural notion that personal worth and value are the result of one’s accomplishments. Thus, the obsession with what we should do when we grow up. Rather than who we are now, and how we would like to express ourselves in the world. As well as what we want to contribute to it.

The Great Discovery

When we realize that in our power of individual observation lies the same power for collective transformation, we will be able to start solving the big problems that currently, alone in the routines of our minds, seem insurmountable.

Dealing With Criticism

Certainly we all need critics. But while on stage, let prior, future, and even current opinions fade- including your own. They no longer and do not yet exist. All that is present is the moment.

Finding Your Talent

In our culture, it is so easy to think that being talented—or popular, or famous, or rich—is an end goal. We are conditioned to believe that they are destinations to which all roads hopefully lead; that their achievement is what makes a person interesting, influential, and special. That is not the case.

A Lesson in Love

We all know what will bring joy to the people in our lives. We know the heart songs of those we love. All we have to do is sing them. What could be more important?

Learning From Jealousy

Every situation is an opportunity to learn if you're willing to see it as such. Dealing with jealousy—whether directed at someone else or at you—is no exception.

Honoring Whitney Houston

For me, the passing of Whitney Houston is certainly an opportunity to remember and say farewell to a true musical icon. Yet it is also—and more importantly—a reminder to cherish and love the people in our lives while they are still alive.

Love and Sex

Many of us walk into the world—into our relationships, our marriages, and the bedroom—determined to maintain a level of autonomy and self-protection, convincing ourselves that this is wise to do so. That only a fool would truly surrender. But it never works.

You Are Not Your Talent

Our culture does a wonderful—and unfortunate—job of blurring the lines between having a talent and being talented.

The Downside of a Great Idea

There is simply nothing like the rush of inspiration; the revelation of the big ‘aha' moment. It's what brings us to life. It's what keeps us going. And it's our biggest downfall. We're so excited to finally hold these gems in our hands that we forget that a closed fist is still a closed fist, whether or not something wonderful is inside.

The Importance of Planned Parenthood

No matter your views on abortion, Planned Parenthood is doing very important–and indeed, lifesaving–work. I encourage everyone to remember that the issue of womens' reproductive health–and rights–is not black and white. In the gray areas, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of lives at stake.

Hooray for Technology!

Technology isn't inherently bad or problematic. Like most things, it is merely a tool which we are able to use and incorporate according to our needs and desires. Unfortunately, we don't always choose empowering and balanced ways to integrate technology into our lives, the result being that it ends up running, rather than serving us.

Safety versus Bravery

We're all good at doing what we do, staying inside of the lines. That's why we do it; that's why we stay there. But that's not where the real fun is, no matter your passion, no matter your dreams and goals.

Conan O'Brien and the Perils of Cynicism

Cynicism is a mindset, and—like happiness—it's generally not specifically situational. I've worked with many wealthy, famous people riddled with cynicism, as well as foster kids in the Bronx who inspire me with their determination to suck the marrow out of life.

To Eat or Not to Eat...

Earlier this week, I wrote about Kelly Ripa's transition to the helm of the "Live!" enterprise. In sum, I was impressed with the way she handled the shift; her willingness to share her experience and vulnerability with viewers. Apparently, others were and are not so impressed. Particularly by her weight.

Live! With Kelly Ripa

In a few months, we won't be thinking much about Regis. On television, a lot of effort is put into making sure transitions are smooth and for the most part, unnoticeable. For better or worse, life- and certainly the media- work that way. Which is why it was so great that Kelly allowed us a glimpse of the opposite.

A Cure for Anxiety

It would be easy to dismiss the Eastern psychotherapy practice of Naikan as some Zen, optimistic ideal if it hadn't been proven in a series of studies to be as effective if not more than our own Western psychotherapies. Which means that the roots of our Western anxiety may in fact be culturally created and empowered.

Lessons from a Marathon

With the New York City Marathon coming up this weekend, I am reminded of an experience two years ago that not only changed my view of the annual event. It changed my life.

The Gift of Being Present

Technology can facilitate our ability to connect with one another, but not the nature of how we do so. That's still up to us. The next time you're on a call, stop or put down what you're doing and give your full attention to the person on the other end of the line. They- and your relationship- are worth it.

The Eternal Honeymoon

Standing on the edge of our great adventure, I've been thinking about this tradition that our culture bestows. And I've concluded that this 'period of great sweetness' is available to every one of us, at any time, regardless of our marital status.

Lifelong Learning and Living

One of the greatest benefits of being an adult is that we finally have the say in how we want our lives to go. It's time to implement our own benchmarks to get us there, including having a say in what aging... and living... mean.

Double Take

On Friday, John and I were at the New York City courthouse applying for our marriage license. What could have been another item on our wedding to-do list became far more as we watched men and women gather together to celebrate their unions. Weddings are always special. But what made this particular day truly magical was to whom those men and women were getting married.

Just Do It! Part 2

In my last article, I shared 4 steps for getting unstuck in your creative endeavors, based upon my own struggles to get ideas out of my mind and onto the page. Here are a few more tips I have found helpful as I've continued to work on my projects...

Just Do It!

Four steps for getting unstuck in your creative endeavors.

Wild Resistance

Why do we- in life, in relationships, and in creativity- so often cling to self-consciousness, when joy and self-expression are so freeing and freely available?

Crafting Communication

On the surface, communication seems obvious. One person speaks and another listens. Switch, then repeat. Yet there's much more to it than that. Each of us brings two entities to the table whenever we talk. And when we're learning, we bring three.

Mother's Day

My mom made the extraordinary normal. She always believed in me, never doubted me, and always knew- even when I didn’t- that I could and would accomplish whatever I set my mind and heart to.