I finally surrendered to a cold yesterday following a week of resistance. Twelve glorious hours of sleep later, I took the morning off and treated myself to some Regis and Kelly. 

Er, Kelly.

We've all heard about Regis's legendary departure, as well as the transition the show- with Kelly at the helm- will now go through.  

After tuning in for day #1, I was inspired by far more than how smoothly things went. 

With Jerry Seinfeld as her co-host, Kelly was open, humble, and sincere with the audience- both live and over the airwaves- about the challenges and fears inherent in such a big shift. She even allowed herself an emotional moment or two, particularly when taking over aspects of the show that had always belonged to Regis, saying before each, "this is a real moment for me."

And they really were. Not only for Kelly, but for all of us. 

Transitions, by nature, are designed to get us from point A to point B. And most of us rush, measuring success by how quickly we arrive as well as how good- and unaffected- we look along the way.   

Yet it is the space between A and B that is most instructive. When we allow ourselves to dwell within the transitions- no matter how scary or hard they may seem- we come face to face with what we're really made of. And we get a front row, slow-motion seat for the best part of all: the transformation from nervousness to excitement... from wondering "can I do it?" to the realization "I can do ANYTHING!"

In a few months, we won't be thinking much about Regis. On television, a lot of effort is put into making sure transitions are smooth and for the most part, unnoticeable. For better or worse, life- and certainly the media- work that way.

Which is why it was so great that Kelly allowed us a glimpse of the opposite.

Congratulations, Kelly on making that moment so special- and educational- for all of us watching.  May the next 11 years be even more magical than the last!

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