The Importance of Rest

Getting adequate rest has become a priority in our household. Because without proper sleep, we are unable to be our best in our work, for each other, and most importantly, for our precious son.

The Gift of Acceptance

Accepting what has happened in the past is the key to peace of mind and success in every area of our lives. Unfortunately, many of us refuse to do so.


Refusing to forgive someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to get sick.

The Benefits of Yes and No in Creativity

Establishing strategies for how to best handle your email and other interactions is important if you want to get anything accomplished.

First, Do The Work

I can’t tell you how many people I work with whose biggest obstacle is that they simply haven’t done the work. Take it from me: there’s no point in spending hundreds of dollars on coaching you may not yet be able to integrate. First, become prepared to the best of your ability.

Enough Celebrity Bashing!

Enough with holding everyone but ourselves to impossible standards. We each have too little time on this planet to spend it criticizing people who are doing what they love, and doing their best.

The Truth About Becoming A Parent

Becoming a parent is a tremendous experience. Yet it is also a difficult and terrible challenge. One doesn't come without the other; let's do every future mom and dad a favor and be sure to talk about both.

Accepting Responsibility

Owning that you might have had a hand in creating what’s happening in the world around you doesn’t mean that you’re to blame for everything that’s going on. Rather, it means that you’re mature enough to realize that only by claiming responsibility for your life can you live it in a way that both empowers you and brings you closer to others.

Facebook as a Tool of Self-Discovery

In addition to what we both clamor and hesitate to share online, noting our strong reactions to the postings and profiles of others give us an opportunity to see ourselves more clearly.

The Art of Surrender

When we replace resistance with surrender, we lose neither control nor ourselves. Rather, we are given the clarity and tools that enable us to manage change powerfully, regardless of how radical or even traumatic it may be.

Information Versus Action

Of course people need and benefit from acquiring new information and specific tool sets. Yet that information—any information—only becomes useful when we implement it.

The Pregnancy Perspective

As Mother's Day approaches, I am humbled and awed by the lessons of partnership and parenthood, including the often under appreciated gifts of selflessness.

The Good News

Watching the news will make you think the world is a terrible place. It isn’t.

The Perils of Intentions and Expectations

Exceptional and enduring success, in any area of life, comes only once we set our pride and insecurities aside– as well as the ineffective expectations and attachments that so often stem from them– and become willing to learn, partner, and co-create with others. When we do, the results speak, and often sing, for themselves.

The Good News About a Bad Review

The desire to look good, have people like us, and be successful often holds us back from taking the brave and bold steps through failure that will in fact lead to our greatest accomplishments.

A Positive Take on Losing Weight

You are so much more than a body could ever contain. Know this, and an extraordinary relationship with your body– as well as with your true self– finally becomes possible.

The Art of Being Musical

Dance with abandon. Sing at the top of your lungs. Stop thinking about how you look or sound. Instead, express yourself as if your life depends on it. Because—in very real and important ways—it does.

The Gift of Music

It is surrender—of perfection, of expectation, of resistance—that allows learning at every level and in every area to become joyful, and as a result, effective.

The Ethics of Scheduling

There is a trend to place the economic interests and functional concerns of practitioners and insurance companies above the therapeutic needs and rights of the people our industry is ethically bound to serve.

50 Shades of Concern

I am all for fantasy, self-expression, and the First Amendment. But as art does so often influence life, I am also concerned that the relationship described in the books will start to make an appearance in schools around the country and beyond. Violence might be ‘hot’ in the book. But it is not hot in reality. And I am very, very concerned.

The Corporate Artist

While singers and performers often struggle with how to best relate to the art with which they’re engaged full time, those in the corporate world tend to long for a relationship with creativity they’ve either never had, or gave up in order to get a ‘real job’.

Control = Resistance

Reality check: you cannot change a situation or circumstance when you’re in the process of resisting it. Just as you can’t catch a beach ball if you’re holding another one in your hands, you can’t embrace something new until you let go of the old, stale, and painful reasons for and arguments about why things are the way they are.

Practicing What You Preach

As therapists, coaches, teachers, and counselors, how many of us can honestly answer ‘yes’ to the question: ‘have I done the work I’m asking this person to do?’ And as importantly, if not more: ‘am I myself able to go where he or she wants to go?’

Finding Your Passion

Stop worrying about what job will bring you passion. What hobby. Or even what person. Be passionate about life and its spirit will call itself out.

The Problem With Gay Marriage

Let the anti-gay marriage movement claim that religion declares marriage to be between a man and a woman. Thanks to freedom of speech, that is certainly their right. Just as it is the right, and the responsibility, of all American citizens to demand a legal institution that honors equality for all couples and families.

Fame and Happiness

We have a cultural notion that personal worth and value are the result of one’s accomplishments. Thus, the obsession with what we should do when we grow up. Rather than who we are now, and how we would like to express ourselves in the world. As well as what we want to contribute to it.

The Great Discovery

When we realize that in our power of individual observation lies the same power for collective transformation, we will be able to start solving the big problems that currently, alone in the routines of our minds, seem insurmountable.

Dealing With Criticism

Certainly we all need critics. But while on stage, let prior, future, and even current opinions fade- including your own. They no longer and do not yet exist. All that is present is the moment.

Finding Your Talent

In our culture, it is so easy to think that being talented—or popular, or famous, or rich—is an end goal. We are conditioned to believe that they are destinations to which all roads hopefully lead; that their achievement is what makes a person interesting, influential, and special. That is not the case.

A Lesson in Love

We all know what will bring joy to the people in our lives. We know the heart songs of those we love. All we have to do is sing them. What could be more important?