How Khan Academy Will Help Find The Next Einstein

The article "Five Lessons from Salman Khan on the Future of Education" included core insights that I distilled from our full discussion. Sal kindly shared much more on what it means to be creative, intellectually precocious kids and the Khan Academy, and how Khan Academy impacts the role of theory in education, among other topics. Read the full conversation here.

Nikhil Goyal: Future US Secretary of Education?

Nikhil Goyal is an amazing seventeen year old. He has already written a book titled One Size Does Not Fit All which is endorsed on the front cover by Howard Gardner. He has been named a future secretary of education by Diane Ravitch in The Washington Post. And he is already making speeches and writing articles that reach people all over the world.

Five Lessons from Salman Khan on the Future of Education

I recently interviewed Salman Khan to get his thoughts on the future of education. Here are five wisdom filled lessons from the world famous educator.

Are You An Exception to the Rule?

Can personal anecdotes reduce clear thinking in the face of data?

The Growing Complexity of Everyday Life

“To thrive and excel in the sensory and information overload of contemporary life, we have to use our brains in ways that set us apart from most people who came before us." - Brink Lindsey

The Role of Talent In Education and Business

"In our country today there are two principal groups that are largely underserved in our K-12 educational system: the most brilliant and the most economically disadvantaged." - Norman Augustine

Teaching Without Words

Matthew Peterson is an extremely smart person who as a child struggled with dyslexia and the way he was taught in the traditional school system—a system that focuses on words and numbers.

The Paris Hilton Effect

Is the new upper class eroding its own competitiveness?

Three Reasons Why Americans Ignore Gifted Children

Chester E. Finn Jr. of The Fordham Institute recently wrote an opinion piece in The New York Times titled "Young, Gifted, and Neglected." But why do many Americans neglect gifted children? In this article, I explore some potential reasons.

Teach Students What They Don't Know But Are Ready To Learn

What should the goals of gifted education be?

Why What You Post On Facebook Is Not Really Who You Are

Watch how people spend their time and money, not what they post on Facebook.

Three Reasons Why Schools Neglect Spatial Intelligence

In "Why Don’t We Value Spatial Intelligence?" I stressed that as a society we have neglected spatially talented students who are not as good with words and numbers but who are quite talented at manipulating figures and shapes in their minds.

Finding The Next Carl Sagan

A conversation with Adam Frank: physicist, writer, science evangelist, and the rock and roll Carl Sagan of his generation.

The Spatial Thinkers That Get Left Outside Higher Education's Gates

What would it be like to have a university focused on developing spatial talent?

The SAT Is Too Easy

Why selective colleges should require the GRE

What If Steve Jobs Had Lived Over 100 Years?

What would Steve Jobs have done with his life if he could have lived beyond a century? What would you do with yours?

Chess Concepts Peter Thiel Used To Become A Billionaire

Through Peter Thiel's CS183: Startup class at Stanford University, we have a unique window into the mind of the venture capitalist and hedge fund manager. He's fascinated with human nature, and integrates what he learned from his former career as a chess master into his lectures.

How Science Writing Can Save Lives

A conversation with distinguished science writer Tim Folger on what it was like to interview Stephen Hawking, how he became a science writer, and whether we will find another Einstein.

Can Psychology Be Considered A Science?

Why do the "hard sciences" tend to look down on the "soft sciences"?

Who Is the Mental Equivalent of Usain Bolt?

What does it really mean to be the fastest man in the world?

This 8th Grader Wants to Measure Your Cat's IQ

How do you measure the intelligence of a cat? This 8th grader has designed a cat IQ test and needs the help of your cat!

Why Are We so Obsessed With Improving IQ?

Does knowing your IQ really matter? A response to David Hambrick's New York Times opinion piece, "I.Q. Points for Sale, Cheap."

Could We Create Another Einstein?

Is intelligence important to innovation? Who creates the innovator: The parent, the teacher, the mentor, or the innovator themselves? Can passion pay the bills? I tackle these questions and more as I review Tony Wagner's thought provoking book Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People That Will Change The World.

Why Are the Children of Immigrants Becoming Immigrants?

Why "the American Dream" is simply becoming "the Dream"

Jonah Lehrer: The Literary Magician

Under the front cover of Jonah Lehrer's instant bestseller Imagine are the letters of the title all mixed up and floating in a cloud, waiting for someone to be creative with them.

Is America "on the Wrong Side of History"?

President Obama has said that "we know the countries that out-teach us today will out-compete us tomorrow." A recent article in The New York Times suggests that Chinese leaders think America is "on the wrong side of history" and is headed for decline. What are we doing to develop an intellectually competitive team for America's future?

Why Is It Socially Acceptable To Be Bad At Math?

Why is it socially unacceptable to be bad at reading?

Why Don't We Value Spatial Intelligence?

We tend to value people who can write, read, and do math. But what about a mechanical genius who isn't so good at these things?

Your Smartphone Might Be Making You Smarter

Are smart people inventing things that make us feel dumber?