This holiday season, I'd love to share an excerpt from a play by T.S. Eliot that holds hope for the year ahead. Not greeting-card hope, but the kind of hope that can live alongside sadness, bewilderment and uncertainty.

 Many years ago, camping in the Wind River Mountains on Wyoming, my friends and I found ourselves in the midst of a memorable sunshower. It was summertime, and we were on a sloping meadow. Half the sky was almost black, while half was bright and sunny. Sunlight beamed down upon us as we got soaked by the rain. It felt One friend was moved to share this piece of a play by T.S. Eliot.

"You bring me news
Of a door that opens at the end of a corridor,
Sunlight and singing;
when I had felt sure
That every corridor only led to another,
Or to a blank wall; that I kept moving
Only so as not to stay still.
Singing and light."

—From The Family Reunion by T.S. Eliot

If we are brave enough to share our authentic self with the world, and discriminating enough to build our future with the people who treasure us for who we are, doors will open. Somehow, they just will. Sometimes, seemingly out of nowhere. I'm thankful for those doors, and for all the possibilities behind them.

This year to come, we'll all hit moments of doorless halls, of frustrating corridor upon corridor (Sounds a lot like the world of dating!) Yet the more time we choose to spend in inspiring relationships, the more we'll find doors that open our lives to a more wonderful future.

 Here's to all the new doors to come in your year ahead!

 With all my best wishes,


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