Real Affluence

We confuse Time and Money and what we truly value.

Sizing Up Your Money Mindset For 2015

We all come into adulthood with a money mindset, even if we don't realize it. Before 2015 becomes 2016, maybe it's time to assess your mindset.

Kick-Starting Your Money Satisfaction

Shifting Expectations Creates More Realistic Results

It's Not About the Goal

We are taught to achieve our goals instead of living our values.

Stuck In A Money Rut?

Stuck in a rut? Time to get creative.

When Life Changes in the Blink of an Eye

Ready or not, change happens. Sometimes it's something you can control and handle-other times, there's not a thing you can do other than hang on the best you can. The secret is in knowing the difference.

Show Me the (Holiday) Money

Holiday Season is a time for celebration. Avoid creating post-holiday financial panic!

Seven Money Conversations You Want to Have With Your Kids

The values you demonstrate around money will shade and shadow your kids’ money behavior for the rest of their lives.

Should You Buy Financial Planning Like You Buy Your Music

Music media changes with technology, but great advice isn't digital.

Reliving Your Past

The secret to creating positive change might lie in our memory and our imagination for a better future.

KISS Your Way to Financial Happiness

When it comes to life, happiness, and money--nothing beats a KISS!

Stumble, Fall, Get Up

Get Real: We all make mistakes! The trick is not to make the same ones over and over.

Embrace It (Or Replace It)

We learn acquire our habits at an early age watching and listening to our parents. But sometimes, the lessons we learn prevent us from achieving success.

Making Change Count

Life is never a straight line—it’s inevitably filled with unforeseen twists and turns. So your very own, personalized success track is essential if you want to make serious change stick.

What I Learned From My Dad

Am I me or just a reflection of him?

Life (and Money) Transitions

Transitions are tough-especially when money issues are concerned.

Investment Porn

We all know that SEXY sells. But what you're buying doesn't necessarily stackup with your expectations!

THE Financial Conversation

We are procrastinators, live in fear and overwhelmed by life and what we don't know. Is it any wonder money conversations are difficult?

Life on the Zip Line

Learning to cope with fear is all about growth. You might now always win, but it's all about trying!

A Little OCD—Just In Time For Spring

Spring is here, finally. Time to work on your own renewal

Letting Go

Holding onto life events that keep you stuck in place is almost guaranteeing failure and frustration.

The Parable of the Trapeze

Life transitions can be scary.

Turning 60

Wait! Wasn't I just a kid? What the heck happened?

Avoiding a Hole in the Heart

Candace had just lost her husband barely two months earlier. She was understandably, in a high emotional state.

The Party's Over

Now that the holiday season is over, do you fall back into the Winter's doldrums or push forward to improve your life?

My Feel Rich Story

What do you do when you see your future in the mirror and it scares the hell out of you?

5 Steps To A Strong 2014 Start

Tired of making and breaking New Years' resolutions?

A Holiday Wish

What would bring you true happiness?

Avoiding The Holiday Stress-fest

The holidays can be filled with financial stress and personal angst - maybe it's time to change the game.