How Can I Retire If I Was Never Tired in the First Place?

A "third age" exists between the end of work and before fragility and dependency set in, and people follow diverse pathways of work and leisure in their retirements.

Loneliness Is a Killer. Why Don't We Talk About It?

We don't talk about loneliness because of a stigma: It feels like a failure in one of life's fundamental domains. But it is essential for our health that we talk about it.

I Didn't Want to Betray My Wife Again

​I had broken my vows to my wife, and I left her when I realized that if I made those vows again I would only betray her again. My attraction to men was too powerful to contain.

Mature Gay and Bisexual Men and Suicide

Gay and bisexual men seek mental health care more frequently than heterosexual men but are more likely to have attempted and succeeded at suicide.

Age as a Factor in Sexual Orientation and Attraction

Sexuality research focusing exclusively on genital sex to the exclusion of attraction, affection and affiliation falls short in our understanding of sexual orientation or identity.

The Opportunities of Aging

We can either measure time or we can experience time. I don't know how much time I have left, but I intend to experience it rather than measure it.

Gaps in LGBT Research and Health Care

As a group LGBT people are subjected to prejudice and discrimination in health care. "LGBT" is an umbrella term. The "L," the "G," the "B" and the "T" all represent distinct populations. Each population and subpopulation has its own separate needs and its own distinct health care requirements. Combining these populations obscures differences among them.
The Messy Realities of Bisexuality

The Messy Realities of Bisexuality

Some men who call themselves bisexual experience considerable dissonance; their sexual attractions, behaviors and identity are not in alignment.

My Husband Is Having an Affair...With a Man

A straight couple's world turns upside down after infidelity with gay partner.

Too Old to Come Out?

"Why come out at forty? You're too old for sex."