An Explanation for Trump's Appeal

An examination of those aspects of personality and behavior that have led to Donald Trump's success. A comparison to an incident long ago that also had political implications.

No More Sex Until...

A common, although largely ignored, problem for some couples is how to have sex with the children still awake. I offer a solution.

Getting Rid of Death and Taxes

A solution to "Making America Great Again," should not only include lowering taxes. Defeating death with bring considerable economic advantages.

The Slippery Food Scale

There are some neglected food scales, including the slippery food scale--and others.

"Disgusting" Use of the Ladies Room

Perhaps Donald Trump knows more about what goes on in ladies rooms than we give him credit for.

Harry Potter and Evil Incarnate

J.K. Rowling, the author of "Harry Potter," has failed by her own account in making her villain, Lord Voldemort the worst possible person--compared to Donald Trump.

The Meaning of Life

Description of the Discovery of the Meaning of Life! Including from the perspective of a frog

Problems Monitoring Terrorists/Muslims

Mr. Trump and Doctor Carson have suggested monitoring Muslims by staking out mosques and following anyone who wears a turban. This will not work. Muslims do not wear turbans.

Standard Interpretations in Psychotherapy

Psychotherapists who cannot think of something sensible to say sometimes make facile interpretations which do not apply to any particular patient and which are, for the most part, wrong.

Is Ben Carson Too Skeptical?

Although it is clear to Ben Carson that Joseph and his Egyptian friends put up the pyramids to store grain for the coming seven lean years, someone erred since the pyramids are made of solid rock. Dr. Carson dismisses the involvement of aliens; but is he too quick to come to judgement?

A Reasonable Dietary Goal for Today

Dieters fail because they think of dieting in the wrong way. Setting deadlines is counter-productive. Success in dieting can be measured each day

Should You Worry About Your Lover's Ex-lovers?

People inclined to be jealous are especially inclined to be jealous of a lover's ex-lovers. Is this reasonable?

The Door in Trump's Wall

Mr. Trump has suggested a literal wall separating Mexico from Texas. He went on to suggest a "beautiful door" in the wall. An examination of that suggestion.

The Right to Bear Arms in the Operating Room

The right to bear arms is being asserted in more and more places--churches, schools, etc. There are problems, however, in bearing arms in the operating room. The reasons are given here

How Long Does Adolescence Last?

Adolescence, the stage between childhood and adulthood, involves progress along a number of developmental pathways.

Fear of the Weather

Some people are extraordinarily attuned to—and afraid of—the weather. Underlying that fear are more primitive fears.

Finding the Right Job

Bad advice--and good advice-- about how to find a job when finding a job seems impossible.

Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

"Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder", made more scientific by the abstinence-desire index (the ADI)

Some Reasons Why People Kill Themselves

The reasons that someone may commit suicide are more varied and complicated than usually thought. Depression is the most common cause, but not the only cause.

Ethical Issues in Dating

A description of what expectations one may have in dating, and what obligations one takes on.

A Peculiar Work Situation

There may be worse problems at work than simply being paid very little and being asked to do the job of two or three people all at once.

The Disadvantages of Having a Mistress

I think it is important to be conservative in dealing with the matter of mistresses, especially more than one.

Ask Your Doctor if You Are Healthy Enough for Sex

How to reassure patients when they ask their doctor if they are healthy enough for sex (should the occasion of their asking ever arise.)

Assertiveness vs. Aggressiveness

Everyone recognizes there is a value to assertiveness. Achieving any goal becomes more likely. Some people, however, confuse being assertive with behaving aggressively, which can lead to defeat.

The Isis Crisis

It's getting so it is hard to know who our enemies are.

The Treatment of Pure Obsessions

There is no universally accepted treatment for pure obsessions. I offer a personal program.

Why People In a Bad Marriage Stay Married

Men and women who have decided that their marriage is unsuccessful stay married for a number of reasons. I give a list of their complaints and another list of the stated reasons for staying together. There are still other reasons under the surface.

The Effect of a Bellowing Child

The distinction between nature and nurture is complicated and lost when considering older persons. But this case demonstrates how difficult it is to separate the causes of personality even when a chld is very young.

The Homestretch for Same Sex Marriage

The fight about same sex marriage is growing to a close. But it is only a part of a larger struggle between those who consider themselves conservative and those who think of themselves as liberal. The issues are much more complicated

Falling In and Out of Love

People have an exorbitant interest in falling in and out of love. Some observations.