Glaucoma, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's Disease, and Nicotinamide

Every once in a while an unapproved treatment seems worth considering.

Should I leave This Person?

Frequently, a patient asks me if he/she should leave the person he/she is dating. Usually, that person's friends make that recommendation. I do not usually--for different reasons.

Marriage as a Constraint

Someone may explain a hesitancy to marry in terms of a particular partner. Often, however, there are are more general reasons.Some men and women see marriage as a constraint.

Why Do Some People Do Self-Destructive Things?

Many self-destructive behaviors are initially pleasant. Drug abuse is an example. But other self-destructive behaviors persist even though they feel bad. These are hard to explain.

Why Hasn't He Called?

An exploration of the reasons why someone may not call back after a great first date. Some of the reasons are discoverable—and may be important.

Planning vs. Worrying

Worrying is frustrated planning. When planning seems out of one's control, worry results. The treatment of a worry, therefore, is to find a plan for action.
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An Odd Suicide

A major depression can overcome someone within a matter of days. Suicide, which is sometimes a consequence of such an illness, can occur seemingly for no reason, suddenly.

What Is Required for a Happy Life

A discussion of some of the important ingredient in living a happy life

Chicken Phobias and Other Matters of Concern

A contrast between agoraphobia and more specific phobias. A presentation of a question that stumped me during a radio broadcast.

Fear of Sudden Infant Death

An example of the treatment of an exaggerated fear—of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Surprisingly, the very quick cure of this fear was followed by a lessening of other fears.
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The Remnants of a Phobia

Some fears outlast the life of a panic disorder. They include the fear of getting lost, encountering strangers and, perhaps, travel in general.

Laws Governing the Use of Public Bathrooms

The "shy bladder," paruresis, is explained. An examination of the implications of the North Carolina law barring LGBT individuals from public bathrooms.

Where Should a Phobic Person Sit?

The strategy in treating phobias is confrontation. But phobic persons often prefer one seat over another in phobic situations. precisely to avoid confrontation. Some suggestions.

Republican and Democrats on the Same Page

It shows you that if you try hard enough, you can Democrats and Republicans to agree on something: guns at the Republican convention.

A Misunderstanding Central to OCD

Persons suffering from Obsessive-compulsive disorder imagine the world to be more dangerous than it is. In particular, they think substances are dangerous even in tiny amounts.

The Role of the Penis in Republican Politics

Is there a hidden agenda in the back and forth between Donald Trump and Marco Rubio about genital matters? Does the talk about Donald's penis imply anything about Hillary Clinton?

Can Justice Scalia Still Vote?

Should Justice Scalia's work on the cases now before the court count as an actual vote--despite his being dead? An examination of how his views may have changed since dying,

Psychiatric Name Calling

Psychiatrists, psychologists and the general public tend to use certain terms in a defamatory way, rather than in an attempt to explain anything.

"He's a Really Good Kisser."

I've been a therapist for a long time, and I have spoken to many women; but no one has explained to me what goes into being "a really good kisser." Can someone help?

An Explanation for Trump's Appeal

An examination of those aspects of personality and behavior that have led to Donald Trump's success. A comparison to an incident long ago that also had political implications.

No More Sex Until...

A common, although largely ignored, problem for some couples is how to have sex with the children still awake. I offer a solution.

Getting Rid of Death and Taxes

A solution to "Making America Great Again," should not only include lowering taxes. Defeating death with bring considerable economic advantages.

The Slippery Food Scale

There are some neglected food scales, including the slippery food scale--and others.

"Disgusting" Use of the Ladies Room

Perhaps Donald Trump knows more about what goes on in ladies rooms than we give him credit for.

Harry Potter and Evil Incarnate

J.K. Rowling, the author of "Harry Potter," has failed by her own account in making her villain, Lord Voldemort the worst possible person--compared to Donald Trump.

The Meaning of Life

Description of the Discovery of the Meaning of Life! Including from the perspective of a frog

Problems Monitoring Terrorists/Muslims

Mr. Trump and Doctor Carson have suggested monitoring Muslims by staking out mosques and following anyone who wears a turban. This will not work. Muslims do not wear turbans.

Standard Interpretations in Psychotherapy

Psychotherapists who cannot think of something sensible to say sometimes make facile interpretations which do not apply to any particular patient and which are, for the most part, wrong.

Is Ben Carson Too Skeptical?

Although it is clear to Ben Carson that Joseph and his Egyptian friends put up the pyramids to store grain for the coming seven lean years, someone erred since the pyramids are made of solid rock. Dr. Carson dismisses the involvement of aliens; but is he too quick to come to judgement?

A Reasonable Dietary Goal for Today

Dieters fail because they think of dieting in the wrong way. Setting deadlines is counter-productive. Success in dieting can be measured each day