A Peculiar Work Situation

There may be worse problems at work than simply being paid very little and being asked to do the job of two or three people all at once.

The Disadvantages of Having a Mistress

I think it is important to be conservative in dealing with the matter of mistresses, especially more than one.

Ask Your Doctor if You Are Healthy Enough for Sex

How to reassure patients when they ask their doctor if they are healthy enough for sex (should the occasion of their asking ever arise.)

Assertiveness vs. Aggressiveness

Everyone recognizes there is a value to assertiveness. Achieving any goal becomes more likely. Some people, however, confuse being assertive with behaving aggressively, which can lead to defeat.

The Isis Crisis

It's getting so it is hard to know who our enemies are.

The Treatment of Pure Obsessions

There is no universally accepted treatment for pure obsessions. I offer a personal program.

Why People In a Bad Marriage Stay Married

Men and women who have decided that their marriage is unsuccessful stay married for a number of reasons. I give a list of their complaints and another list of the stated reasons for staying together. There are still other reasons under the surface.

The Effect of a Bellowing Child

The distinction between nature and nurture is complicated and lost when considering older persons. But this case demonstrates how difficult it is to separate the causes of personality even when a chld is very young.

The Homestretch for Same Sex Marriage

The fight about same sex marriage is growing to a close. But it is only a part of a larger struggle between those who consider themselves conservative and those who think of themselves as liberal. The issues are much more complicated

Falling In and Out of Love

People have an exorbitant interest in falling in and out of love. Some observations.

Sex Education During the Time of the Cavemen (and Cavewomen)

Sex education is controversial. The liberal and conservative views are presented. An examination of sex education in prehistoric times is presented in order to illuminate this question

Bears Caught in the Act!

An astonishing account of homosexual bears and the roots of fellatio.

Pursuing a Romantic Relationship

Approaching someone in a romantic relationship can constitute either perseverance or pestering depending on circumstances.

"It's Not What You Know. It's Who You Know"

Success at work depends on a number of strategies that go beyond mere competence. Some suggestions.

Being Attractive is Attractive Enough

It is not necessary to be the most attractive person around. Feeling competitive is not justified by the facts of attractiveness and the elements that go into being attractive.

Fear of Fainting

An exaggerated fear of fainting is present in many panicky persons. Here are some of my experiences with fainting and near-fainting.

Telling Yourself Something

Advice is sometimes given to discouraged patients to repeat to themselves encouraging thoughts. This does not work

Dealing With the Vampire Problem

A lot of what is "known" about vampires is false. An explanation of the causes and cure of vampirism (psychotherapy and high doses of vitamins.)

Cocktail Parties and Psychiatrists

Many anxious patients are unduly nervous meeting psychiatrists socially. They need not be.

An Old Diagnosis: The Common Scold

The "common scold," recognized in England for centuries is still with us. Although such a person is not described in the psychiatric literature, I describe his/her principal elements here.

Panic Disorder: Final Steps in Treatment

After treatment of panic disorder has progressed almost to the end, there are some things to keep in mind to make the treatment a success. A word about how to live after recovery.

How Does Your Lover Feel About You "Deep Down"?

There is a point in a failing relationship where someone may ask what his or her lover is feeling "deep down." When things are going wrong, there is a strategy to take.

Unconditional/conditional Love

Love implies a differing level of commitment in different circumstances. Statements of love are almost always conditional, although promises are made. The marital vows do not mean exactly what they say

How To Grow Younger: The Vampire Solution

New advances in medicine suggest a way of becoming young again. Some advantages and some problems.

I Believe People Will Believe Anything

Trying to figure out why people believe impossible things. A family account.

Panic Disorder and Mitral Valve Prolapse

Mitral valve prolapse is often described in connection with panic disorder. An explanation of the possible relationship.

Conditions Linked to and Confused With Panic Disorder

Hypoglycemia and mitral valave prolapse are two conditions that are associated with and/or confused with panic disorder. How to keep them straight.

Stopping Anti-Depressant Drugs

Some suggestions for preventing the return of a depression after stopping anti-depressant medications

Sexual Fantasies

Sexual fantasies are part of the mental life of most people. They do not lead to perversions. Pornography does not seem to have any obvious adverse effects. A discussion of these matters.

The Ideal First Date

There is one characteristic of a first date that presages a long relationship.