Do Gay Men Have More Sexual Interest in Children?

A major new laboratory study demonstrates (again) that gay men do not have a higher level of sexual interest in children than straight men do.

The Gratitude Train

All that stuff psychologists say about gratitude, about how it can take you from a dark and paralyzing funk to feeling like the sun is on your face? Consider me Exhibit A.

The Tale of Tea with Jim the Third

The story of a man who could have been sex-changed at birth, and wasn't.

Straight Life with Rainbow Flag

A fifteen-dollar colorful swatch of nylon leaves me with the question every straight person ought to be momentarily faced with: Did that snowplow driver barricade us in because we live at the apex of a T-intersection, or did he barricade us in because he thinks we're gay?

Sex Researchers Rethink Female Sexuality

We've been told that men are much more "target specific" in terms of sexual arousal than women. But recent research that pays attention to the clitoris instead of just the vagina suggests maybe that isn't quite true.

Fetish or Orientation? The Case of Men Wearing Female Masks

Why would a man want to wear female masks, and should that interest be thought of as a fetish or a sexual orientation?

Does Monogamy Really Drive Us to Drink?

A recent article put out by the American Association of Wine Economists suggested that maybe monogamy drives us to drink. A cultural anthropologist looks at the data and says maybe its really hoes that drive us to drink.

Pink Boys with Puppy Dog Tails

Some clinicians think boys who want to wear dresses and play with dress-up dolls need to be broken of their desires. Some think they need to be accepted as girls. How about a third option? (Get over it.)

The Remains of the AAA

A brief follow-up to "No Science, Please; We're Anthropologists," featuring noteworthy communications from readers and hilarious commentary from the AAA spokesperson.

No Science, Please. We're Anthropologists.

And so, we've come to this: the American Anthropologial Association's Executive Board is officially ditching science. Should we be surprised, or just dismayed?

Who Will Protect Our Children from Bad Drug Experimentation?

If we can't count on our doctors to treat us and our children as patients, and not as lucrative lab rats, and we can't count on the Institutional Review Boards, and we can't count on our government, and we can't count on the courts....Who is left to protect our families from bad drug experimentation?

The Other July Effect: Tribalism in Medicine

Doctors evolved with the rest of us humans. And sometimes that makes them downright tribal.

Cleaning the Closets of Medicine

What should we do about the fact that the messy closets of the medical literature are stocked with papers that might well harm patients and practitioners who don't know what insiders know: that those papers are based on problematic studies, are seriously biased, or are just plain wrong according to virtually everyone else in the field?

Meet the Hebephiles

The sexual orientation of males (at least) isn't just composed of the sex of their partners, it's also composed of the age of their partners.


"VAGINAS UNDER ATTACK," screams the cover of the July issue of Cosmo: "Don't Let Greedy Gyno Talk You Into This Horrible Mistake." So I'm going to forgive Cosmo the mistake of capitalizing a preposition in a title...

Notes Home

How funny that we can't bring ourselves to tell our children the most fundamental truth about sex: that most of the time we have sex, we have it for pleasure.

Just Saying No to Magic Pills

I worry about people hitching LBGT rights to the wagon of innateness. Not only does it not capture the experience of all queer people (especially women), it seems too easy to then turn being queer into an impairment, one that might be preventable.

To Have Is To Hold

What's wrong with taking a steroid, while you're pregnant, to try to increase the odds that your female fetus will someday grow up to be a straight woman who gives you grandchildren, and not a lesbian daughter more interested in puppies? Lots.

Don't Calm Down Just Yet

In her Slate coverage of our work, Hanna Rosin got some of it right. And some of it wrong.

Can You Hear Us Now?

Why is a Cornell University surgeon shortening little girls' healthy clitorises and then stimulating the girls' genitals, annually, with Q-tips and "medical vibratory devices," to see if these girls might still have sexual sensation?

Sugar, Boys, and Sugar Boys

The problem isn't that boys who will grow up to be gay men are sweet. The problem is that, in North America, unlike in Samoa, we insist that boys be made of frogs and snails and puppy dogs' tails, and never of sugar and spice.